The Governor Miklushevsky: the new economy and the struggle with the elements

© Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS Fifty-year-old Vladimir Miklushevsky took office as Governor of Primorsky Krai in March 2012. He came to this post from a high school environment. By this time he already had extensive experience as a Federal official, occupying the post of first Director of the Department of forecasting and budget process of the Ministry of education and then Deputy Minister of education, responsible for in this position is the development of cooperation of Russia with the APR countries.

Boris Johnson has proposed to remove the corpses from the Libyan beaches and to build a second Dubai

Boris Johnson The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson was at the center of a political scandal caused by his statements about Libya. About it reports The Independent. During a speech in Manchester, Johnson spoke about the prospects of British investment in the economy of the North African country. “They [entrepreneurs from the UK] have a great vision of how to equip beaches of Sirte to help the municipality and turn it into a second Dubai. It is only necessary to clear the space from the corpses”, — said the head of the British foreign office. His words provoked a sharp reaction from his fellow party members. In particular, the former Minister of health Sarah Wollaston pointed to the fact that Johnson is such statements have embarrassed the conservatives, and urged to send him into retirement. This request was joined by several prominent party leaders. On September

Putin spoke about the difficult period facing the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the world is going through a difficult period. He said this in an address to ambassadors at the presentation of the credentials. Video of the ceremony published on the official Kremlin website. “You are the head of their mission in a very difficult period,” — said Putin ambassadors. According to him, these problems are the increasing tensions in the world. >> Putin on the referendum in Catalonia “As ambassadors you have entrusted the important mission to negotiate with the government of the Russian Federation, our agencies, parliamentarians, members of the public to questions of development of bilateral relations of your country with Russia,” — he said and stressed that he is interested in the success and effectiveness of this work. Today in the Alexander hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, Vladimir Putin received letters of credence from 20 new foreign ambassadors to Russia, including

The court of Sweden was allowed to stay 106-year-old refugee from Afghanistan

The court of Sweden was allowed to stay 106-year-old refugee from Afghanistan The Swedish administrative court issued a 106-year-old citizen of Afghanistan with the residence permit for a period of 13 months. On it informs Agency Associated Press (AP). Thus, the court reversed the decision of the Swedish migration Agency, which on 4 September decided to deport the woman. The court said that the woman is in very poor condition, which could deteriorate at any moment. When making decisions, attention was paid to “extremely high age women” and “poor health”. The Agency notes that the court’s decision is contrary to the decision of the migration service, for which age is not a reason for granting asylum. Before going to Sweden Bibical Uzbeks eight years she lived illegally with his family in Iran. They moved there from Afghanistan. In Sweden, the family came in 2015 with a huge flow of migrants

Putin told an anecdote about an Israeli soldier

Putin told an anecdote about an Israeli soldier MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin joked about the excessive attention devoted to it, telling an anecdote about a soldier in the Israeli army. So he answered the moderator of the discussion at the plenary meeting in the framework of the Russian energomodule who had questions mainly to Putin, asking him about his “legacy as the President of Russia” of the Russian economy. The head of state killed the leader, not allowing him to complete another question. “Want to hear a joke about the Israeli army? The young soldier asked: “If you go, say, 20 terrorists, what are you going to do?” “I’ll take an Uzi and I’ll shoot”. — “Well done, but if you are the tanks?” “I’ll take the grenade launcher and will defend myself”. — “Well done, and if the planes are flying and tanks

The regulator demanded to cross out “love” from a list of ingredients in bakeries USA

The regulator demanded to cross out “love” from a list of ingredients in bakeries USA Management of quality control food and drug administration (FDA) has not appreciated the creative approach of the owners of the bakery Nashoba Brook Bakery and demanded to remove the word “love” from a list of ingredients, where it was listed along with cereals, sugar and nuts. “The label on your granola Nashoba specified ingredient “love” (“Love”). On the labels of food products must be indicated common or usual names of the ingredients, information about which is required. “Love” is not a common or usual name of an ingredient and is considered as the interfering material, as it is not part of the common or usual names of ingredients,” — said in a letter to the FDA. First this non-standard formulation experts saw the legal website Law360. Nashoba craft bakery in the town of West Concord,

Putin spoke about the relations with trump

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that interacts with his us counterpart Donald trump only on business issues. His words leads RIA Novosti on Wednesday, October 4. “Personal relationships are almost there. We saw each other once. Spoke several times on various topics of mutual interest, on the phone. In particular this applies to the Syrian problem”, — Putin said in response to the question of how to develop the relationship between him and trump. The President stressed that the Syrian issue Moscow cooperates with the United States in many lines. The two leaders held talks on the first day of the G20 summit — July 7. Their conversation lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. Vladimir Putin following the meeting expressed confidence that they with his American colleague were able to establish personal relationships. Trump called the meeting with Putin is wonderful. Later the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry

In Moscow gathered a record harvest of grain

Suburban farmers have collected a record grain harvest, exceeding the plan by 425 thousand tons, according to the website of the regional government on Wednesday, 4 Oct. “Farmers of the Moscow region, despite all the difficulties and vicissitudes of this year, achieve record levels. This year we have harvested the grain for millennia,” said Minister of agriculture and food of the region Andrey Razin on agro-industrial exhibition “Golden autumn”. Earlier Wednesday, Minister of investment and innovation region Denis Butsaev, who was also present at the exhibition, said that investment in agriculture in 2017 may reach 30 billion rubles. He noted that every year the size of financial investments in this sector increased by 20 percent. Stand with the achievements of the suburban farmers visited by Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. As a result, he gave a high assessment to the development of agriculture in the region. September 22, Razin said

Father of ISIS captive Russians reacted to the disappearance of her son

Basil Zabolotny Journalists managed to talk with the father of the don Cossack Roman Zabolotnyi, allegedly captured by the militants of the “Islamic state” in Syria. On Wednesday, October 4, RIA Novosti reported. “Of course I am, but I will not say anything”, — said the commander of the national guard Rassvetovskogo rural settlement Vasily Zabolotny. When asked whether it will be to do something, Zabolotny Sr. answered “Sure”. Earlier on 4 October, the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the situation of prisoners of war in Syria. According to him, need to find a more credible confirmation of the fact. He added that the information will be checked “all possible channels”. On the eve controlled by the militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, a group banned in Russia), the Agency “Amak” released the video, which featured men calling themselves captured by the Russian military. One of