The regulator demanded to cross out “love” from a list of ingredients in bakeries USA

The regulator demanded to cross out “love” from a list of ingredients in bakeries USA

Management of quality control food and drug administration (FDA) has not appreciated the creative approach of the owners of the bakery Nashoba Brook Bakery and demanded to remove the word “love” from a list of ingredients, where it was listed along with cereals, sugar and nuts.

“The label on your granola Nashoba specified ingredient “love” (“Love”). On the labels of food products must be indicated common or usual names of the ingredients, information about which is required. “Love” is not a common or usual name of an ingredient and is considered as the interfering material, as it is not part of the common or usual names of ingredients,” — said in a letter to the FDA.

First this non-standard formulation experts saw the legal website Law360.

Nashoba craft bakery in the town of West Concord, Massachusetts. Its CEO John gates in a telephone interview with Bloomberg expressed disappointment with FDA’s decision, adding that it recalls the dystopia of George Orwell.

I really liked that our granola is “love”. Customers have asked us why it’s so delicious. It was great to answer that she made with love, people immediately broke out into a smile.John Gasgenerating the Director of a bakery

“It’s ridiculous that the state does not allow you to specify “love” as an ingredient, is supposedly one that does not mislead,” said George. Gates.

The FDA says that the ingredient list of the granola is the least of the problems of the bakery. The regulator considered that the conditions of preparation and packaging of products Nashoba unsanitary and urged its management to promptly eliminate all violations.

Nashoba works for nearly 20 years and supplies over 120 stores of Massachusetts and new Hampshire bakery and confectionery, and a few granola types. Its annual revenue is from $4.5 million to $5 million, employs 75 people.