The defense Ministry has tested a new missile complex “Iskander”

MOSCOW, October 18. /TASS/. New missile complex “Iskander” is tested at the Kapustin Yar (Astrakhan region), told reporters his boss major-General Oleg Kislov. “Of the most important events held in recent times, it is possible to note the completion of the interagency testing a new missile for missile complex “Iskander”, conducting test firings in the framework of re-anti-aircraft missile regiments on anti-aircraft missile system s-400 (“Triumph” – approx. TASS),” – said Kislov.

Americans for Halloween invited to dress up as Holocaust victims

On the eve of Halloween, USA on sale baby suit, reminiscent of the clothes of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who died during the Holocaust. It is reported by Time. For criticism of the network on the sites of Walmart and the outfit removed from sale. — Fernando Camden (@FernandoCamden) November 23, 2016, 21:12 At the same time on Amazon it is still sold under the name “Costume girl evacuated during the Second world war,” consisting of dresses in the style of the 1940-ies, beret and bags. Anne Frank is a native of Germany, after the Nazis came to power, hiding with his family in the Netherlands. She is the author of the famous “Diary of Anne Frank” — one of the most well-known testimonies about the Holocaust. The Nazis found refuge girl and sent her to a concentration camp where she died of typhus in 1945.

German Catholics approved the introduction of Muslim holidays in Germany

The proposal of the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de maizière on the introduction of Islamic holidays in some regions of Germany found support in the Central Committee of German Catholics. About this reports Deutsche Welle. “In a society with many religious communities in areas with a high proportion of Muslims among the residents may receive an Islamic holiday, and it will not violate the Christian tradition of our country”, — said the head of the Committee, Thomas Sternberg (Thomas Sternberg). According to him, the holiday calendar is neither a Museum value, not a string of days off, and reflects the richness of European traditions. The vast majority of Germans oppose the introduction of the country’s Muslim holidays. This is evidenced by the survey conducted by the sociological service of the Insa commissioned by the newspaper Bild. Against the initiative of the interior Minister, addressed more than 70

Source: actor Kokshenov hospitalized with a suspected stroke

Source: actor Kokshenov hospitalized with a suspected stroke People’s artist of Russia delivered to the First city hospital. MOSCOW, October 17. /TASS/. People’s artist of Russia Mikhail Kokshenov hospitalized in the First city hospital with suspicion on a stroke, condition is estimated as average weight, told TASS on Tuesday a source in medical circles of the capital. “He became ill on the street, passers-by called him an ambulance. In average condition with a suspected stroke and was hospitalized in the First city hospital”, — said the Agency interlocutor. Personlicher Kokshenov Kokshenov was born in Moscow in 1936. In 1963 he graduated from the Theatre school named after BV Shchukin. Worked in the Academic theatre of a name of Vladimir Mayakovsky. In 1966 he went to the Moscow theater of miniatures, and in parallel began to act in films. In 1974 he moved to the Theater – Studio movie actor. Kokshenov

The idea of a Deputy to legally recognize the fact of the wedding was surprising ROC

The idea of a Deputy to legally recognize the fact of the wedding was surprising ROC Moscow. 17 Oct. INTERFAX.RU the Initiative of the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev, who offered to legally recognize the fact of the wedding was a surprise for the official representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate. “The proposal with the Russian Orthodox Church was not discussed, and the news that it put forward, was a surprise to us,” — said “Interfax” the Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vakhtang Kipshidze, commenting on the initiative. He recalled that the practice of registration of Church marriages were common for the Russian Empire, where the Russian Orthodox Church was the state. In addition, this practice still exists in some European countries, where the local Church has the status of a state. However, in the opinion of the representative of the

The Ministry of culture proposed to put in theatres and film on the passport

The Ministry of culture proposed to put in theatres and film on the passport The Department proposes to prohibit children from attending concerts, plays and films of the category “18+”. To put on such events, officials offer only on presentation of a passport. The Ministry of culture has prepared amendments to the legislation according to which on concerts, films and performances with age marked “18+” entry for spectators will be allowed only upon presentation of a passport, Interfax reports. This was stated by the Director of the legal Department of the Ministry Natalia Romashova at the meeting of the expert Council of the state Duma. “Culture proposes not only to consolidate and leave this mechanism [age marking], which is precautionary, but also to introduce some restrictions, for example, to prohibit the organizers of theatrical events, concert events generally allow children to events if these events are of the category “18+”,

Five soldiers beat to death a man at a night club on Sakhalin

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk near the nightclub Duke has been beaten to death by a local resident Gennady Rudakov. His brother Dmitry Belsky said that participated in the beating of five soldiers. According to him, the instigator of the conflict that occurred on the night of October 15, is Daniel Zuev — the soldier-the contract employee of the local military unit, the squad leader, infantry company. “Brother was sober. He with the company were sitting at a table when he was approached by a drunk Zuev. He’s 22 or 23 years”, — said the brother of the deceased. Belsky noted that Zuev without any reason offered Rudakova, who was not acquainted with him, “to go outside to talk”. He agreed. On the porch to signal joined four of his colleagues. The six of them, they departed from the territory of the night club where, according to eyewitnesses, the soldiers started to

The head of Moscow called the main differences of the new budget

Andrei Vorobyov In the Moscow region budget for next year has laid about 17 billion rubles for the construction of educational institutions, said Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. His words to the correspondent “” on Tuesday, October 17. “The difference between the new budget we are laying a lot of money on construction of schools. About 17 billion rubles. Plus, for the first time, cancel the negative transfers”, — said the head of the region at the government meeting. Sparrows also added that every year the regional budget increases. Earlier Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Irina Smirnova said that about 70 percent of budget spending for the year 2018 provides for social needs. The Moscow regional Duma will begin consideration of the draft budget of the region for 2018 and the planned period 2019-2020 October 26. Last month it was reported that in

The Novgorod Governor has criticized officials for replies

Andrey Nikitin The Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin said that he intends to teach regional officials to communicate with the public, as at the moment they are engaged in formal replies. His words leads RIA Novosti on Tuesday, October 17. “I read what we answer, and half did not understand myself. Secondly, I do understand that if I this letter came, I wouldn’t like it, I would say: guys, you do not work, — said Nikitin. — We explain complex human language, why it is better for us not to write, not to call and not to go.” The head of the region stressed that officials should be able to normally explain to people ways of solving a particular problem. He also added that he personally reads and signs the answers to citizens ‘ appeals. In mid-June, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said

The investigation will check the allocated funds, “the Seventh Studio” employees of the Ministry of culture

The investigation will check the allocated funds, “the Seventh Studio” employees of the Ministry of culture Moscow. 17 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the Consequence establishes the possible participants of plunders of budgetary funds allocated to the “Seventh Studio” on the project “Platform”. “In the Commission of these crimes could be involved in other persons, in respect of which it is currently a criminal case and whose identity is currently installed”, — said the investigator Alexander Lavrov in the Basmanny court of Moscow on Tuesday in support of his request for the extension of a measure of restraint involved in the “case, “the Seventh Studio”, among which the Director Kirill Serebrennikov. Lavrov said that the investigation examines the activities of employees of the Ministry of culture, “which had regard to the “Seventh Studio” — controlled the allocation of organization funds and supervise their implementation. Artistic Director of “Gogol-center”, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov,