The head of Moscow called the main differences of the new budget

Andrei Vorobyov

In the Moscow region budget for next year has laid about 17 billion rubles for the construction of educational institutions, said Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. His words to the correspondent “” on Tuesday, October 17.

“The difference between the new budget we are laying a lot of money on construction of schools. About 17 billion rubles. Plus, for the first time, cancel the negative transfers”, — said the head of the region at the government meeting.

Sparrows also added that every year the regional budget increases.

Earlier Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Irina Smirnova said that about 70 percent of budget spending for the year 2018 provides for social needs.

The Moscow regional Duma will begin consideration of the draft budget of the region for 2018 and the planned period 2019-2020 October 26.

Last month it was reported that in accordance with the state program on “Education of Moscow region” the region plans the construction and commissioning of about 100 modular schools until 2020.

In early August the head of Ministry of construction complex of the region Sergey Pakhomov said that over the past four years, the region has built more than 430 educational institutions (kindergartens and 356 80 schools). In 2017, according to him, it is planned to complete the construction of 26 schools in 14 municipalities.