On the website Poroshenko appeared the petition for the deportation of Saakashvili in Georgia

Mikheil Saakashvili On the website of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appeared petition demanding the deportation of Mikhail Saakashvili in Georgia. “I appeal to the President to deport Saakashvili home to Georgia for the systematic violation of the laws of Ukraine, illegal border crossing, inciting hatred between Ukrainians and calls for the Verkhovna Rada to the resignation of the legitimately elected President of Ukraine”, — said in the text of the petition. Its author stated Svetlana Eureka. During the day, the petition has collected nearly 1300 signatures from 25 thousand necessary for the collection of which is allotted to another 92 days. October 17, the Verkhovna Rada, the opposition began an indefinite protest. Protesters set up tents, the first barricade and a field kitchen. The number of demonstrators entered, in addition to led by Mikhail Saakashvili, the “movement of new forces”, the activists of “Batkivschyna”, “Samopomich”, the nationalist party

The US put on Russia the responsibility for the establishment of relations between the two countries

US relations with Russia depend on policy, which will adhere to Moscow. On Friday, October 20, said press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, RIA Novosti reported. “Much depends on Russia and what kind of relationship they want to have, whether they want to be good or bad player. We will continue to try to work with them on certain things that are particularly important for U.S. national security,” said Sanders. It is important for Washington to problems she brought to the situation around Syria and North Korea. “We would like to work with Russia to counteract some of these threats,” said Sanders. Also, the press Secretary of the White house reiterated that the U.S. is concerned about “the Russian intervention” in the US presidential election in 2016. October 19, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said that Russia has used “military action” against the United States by

Saudi preacher found women guilty of rape and harassment

Ahmed Bin Saad al Quarni Saudi preacher Ahmed Bin Saad al Quarni (Ahmed Bin Saad Al Qarni) said that women are to blame that are exposed to rape and sexual harassment, reports The Independent. According to him, they also provoke men to adultery. “I swear to God, if he rapes her, she’ll come home crying that hurt her dignity (…) a Woman who before leaving the house, apply makeup and use perfume, wench,” commented the representative of the clergy. The word al Kavarna enraged many women in Saudi Arabia. “It is time for him to know that everyday sexual harassment women wearing Abaya, hijab and niqab,” said one of the students named Reema. 26 September in the Kingdom signed a decree allowing women to drive. It will take effect in June 2018. Currently the Saudi authorities have been thinking to begin to consider sexual harassment a criminal offence, the newspaper

The main events of the week (video)

The main events of the week (video) The nomination of Xenia Sobchak for President, PhD Vladimir Medinsky dismissed from the CIA puppy and rap battle of Oxymoron in Los Angeles — draft “news Mail.Ru” is the most discussed news of last week in video format. During the download an error has occurred. Even more events, see our photo gallery.

The “Hollywood ten”: as grass of the Communists in the factory of dreams

The “Hollywood ten”: as grass of the Communists in the factory of dreams 70 years ago the United States began the famous case of the “Hollywood ten”, marked the beginning of the phenomenon known as McCarthyism and the “witch hunt” — by analogy with the called manic suspicion of the repressions against innocent women in the Middle ages. October 20, 1947 the house UN-American activities of the house of representatives of the USA Congress began hearings on Communist influence in the American film industry, for participation in which from Hollywood to Washington called on the agenda 43 the Director, screenwriter and actor. It is believed that in the ensuing seven years, from accusations of “pinkness” has affected your career and your reputation approximately three thousand people. An important tool An essential element of the system of checks and balances in the American political system are hearings in Congress. Both chambers

Catherine Deneuve called “horrible” online campaign against harassment

Catherine Deneuve called “horrible” online campaign against harassment French actress Catherine Deneuve called “horrible” online campaign against sexual harassment, but noted that he sympathizes with the victims of such behavior. About it writes The Guardian. On the background of the scandal with American producer Harvey Weinstein, users of social networks, including in France, began to tell their stories, or otherwise associated with the topic. According to Deneuve, a similar message flow on the Internet “terrible.” “This is interesting to say so? This helps? It will add something? This will solve the problem in any way?” — said the actress. However, Deneuve has expressed sympathy for the victims of harassment, noting that women who have only this way to speak, the situation is terrible. To the question, did she abuse or harassment, Deneuve replied, “I never did anything about it did not say, and I’m not going to say anything to

Sparrows have promised to resolve the issue with the landscaping of the Park in Voskresensk

Andrei Vorobyov Moscow region authorities will turn to the Federal agencies with the request to transfer the Park in Voskresensk under the authority of the municipality, said the Governor Andrei Vorobyov. His words to the correspondent “Tapes.ru” on Friday, October 20. The head of region has paid a working visit to resurrection city, which checked the repair of roads, inspected the boiler house, the city pool, and city hospital, where for the first time in 50 years overhaul. “The problem is a theme Park, it is Federal property. I took responsibility to engage in Park and take it in the bosom of the municipality, to enable people to rest there. A large program will be implemented for this Park,” he said. The Governor stressed that the Park should become a place of attraction. In addition, in the course of communication with local residents, the head of region has promised to

Milonov complained of deviation and demanded to ban Playboy in Russia

Vitaly Milonov State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov criticized the cover of the November issue of Playboy magazine, which depicts transgender, and demanded to ban the sale of publications on the territory of Russia. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking” on Friday, October 20. “The mere appearance of the man who made over a certain surgery due to which he became vaguely resemble a woman — it is the attempt to promote deviation, a disrespectful gesture to the traditional majority,” the politician said. The MP has appealed to Roskomnadzor, said the station. Yesterday it was reported that the cover of the November issue of Playboy magazine in the United States for the first time, will decorate a picture with a transgender model. It will be a 24-year-old Frenchwoman of North African origin, INES Rau (Ines Rau), which the magazine recognized the playmate of the month. In early October, Vitaly Milonov said that

In Kemerovo opened Boulevard Builders

In Kemerovo the 20th of October took place the solemn opening of the renovated Boulevard Builders, the press service AHML. The project of its reconstruction has developed local “Architectural company”, and work carried out by the city administration. In Kemerovo started the Federal program of development of the urban environment. The team of architects involved in the design, won the open national architectural competition held in the spring of this year AHML and the Ministry of construction of Russia. This contest was held in 15 cities of Russia. At a press conference dedicated to the opening of the Boulevard, the head of the Kemerovo Ilya Seredyuk said: “People say that the renewed Boulevard Builders was not just excellent, it is on par with the best European standards.” In his opinion, to achieve such a result was possible thanks to the close cooperation of the administration and the public. He thanked

The detainee in the U.S. in Spain, the programmer arrested in absentia in Russia

The detainee in the U.S. in Spain, the programmer arrested in absentia in Russia Russian programmer Peter Levashov, whose extradition to United States approved the national judicial chamber of Spain, was arrested in absentia by Russian court after hacking and blocking access to information on the website of the medical institution in St. Petersburg, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Prosecutor General. As the message of the GP in August about Mr. Levashov in St. Petersburg police opened a criminal case under article “illegal access to computer information” and “creation, use and distribution of malicious computer programs”. According to the press service of the GP, the charge in the above articles were presented in absentia to Peter Levashov 14 Aug. Vasileostrovsky district court of St. Petersburg ruled on custody. 15 Aug programmer was declared in the international search. We will remind, Peter Levashov was arrested