In Kemerovo opened Boulevard Builders

In Kemerovo the 20th of October took place the solemn opening of the renovated Boulevard Builders, the press service AHML.

The project of its reconstruction has developed local “Architectural company”, and work carried out by the city administration. In Kemerovo started the Federal program of development of the urban environment.

The team of architects involved in the design, won the open national architectural competition held in the spring of this year AHML and the Ministry of construction of Russia. This contest was held in 15 cities of Russia.

At a press conference dedicated to the opening of the Boulevard, the head of the Kemerovo Ilya Seredyuk said: “People say that the renewed Boulevard Builders was not just excellent, it is on par with the best European standards.”

In his opinion, to achieve such a result was possible thanks to the close cooperation of the administration and the public. He thanked the Agency for their methodological assistance, as well as experts of KB “Strelka”, took part in the project. Serdyuk has noted that changes, such as those that occurred with Boulevard Builders, evoke a positive reaction from the citizens.

In turn, the General Director of “Architectural company” Konstantin Gia praised the city administration for “courage towards change, extensive support and confidence.” “In just six months we from the competition project on paper have created a truly new and functionally-rich space, which in Kemerovo simply did not exist before,” he added.

The Federal program of development of the urban environment aimed at the improvement of public spaces in 40 cities of Russia. She is supported by AHML, of the Ministry of construction and design “Arrow”.