Millions of users Pornhub attacked

Cybersecurity experts from the organization Proofpoint discovered the malicious campaign that spreads advertising network on the popular pornoresursy Pornhub. This publication reports The Hacker News. According to experts, infected the computers of millions of users around the world. Campaign active for more than a year and are aimed at people using the Windows operating system. Responsibility for the attack took hacker group KovCoreG known for distribution of malicious adware called Kovter. KovCoreG Pornhub chosen as one of the most visited websites in the world for adult. The attackers used the substitution of Windows with video content and required users to install fake updates for browsers, ostensibly required to continue viewing. Specialists Proofpoint report that phishing messages came to users when part of a legitimate advertising network Traffic Junky, which is not responsible for the promoted content. The network directs viewers to a malicious website. Users of Chrome and Firefox show

Trump commented on the Senator’s words about the possible outbreak of a third world war

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump commented on the remark of the Senator-Republican Bob Corker, who stated that the actions of the American leader can lead to the outbreak of world war III. The words of the President of the United States reports the newspaper The New York Times. “Before, we were on the wrong path. The administration of former U.S. presidents for the past 25 years led us to a very big problem, which the world has ever known. Now we are on the right track, believe me,” said trump. The paper suggests that trump talked about Washington’s relations with North Korea. Yesterday the Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate Bob Corker said that trump considers his administration as a “reality show”. “It’s bothering me. It should worry everyone who cares for our nation,” the Senator said. He also criticized trump

Czech Prime Minister distanced himself from Zeman about the Crimea

Bohuslav Sobotka Prime Minister of Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka has criticized the words of the President of the country Milos Zeman that the Crimea can be considered lost to Ukraine. About Sobotka said in his Twitter. “Speech by Zeman in the Council of Europe contrasted sharply with our foreign policy, and the President had the mandate of the Czech government,” — said the Prime Minister. Zeman said earlier that to take away the Crimea from Russia and return to Ukraine would mean a European war. He expressed the opinion that Moscow can resolve the dispute through payments to Kiev. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry strongly condemned the statements of Zeman. Indignation words Zeman was expressed by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Crimea became part of Russia after the March 2014 referendum in which the majority of voters the people of the region supported this decision. Ukraine and Western countries to

Artificial nests will help the “shy” albatrosses breed

Artificial nests will help the “shy” albatrosses breed Environmentalists set of 120 artificial nests on the Islands, home to albatrosses Thalassarche cauta species. Scientists hope that this will help keep the number of birds. Environmentalists set of 120 artificial nests on the Islands, home to albatrosses Thalassarche cauta species. Scientists hope that this will help keep the number of birds. About the first results of the work of environmentalists can be found on the website of the world wildlife Fund. “Albatrosses lay one egg each year and invest a huge amount of energy in hatching and rearing Chicks. On average, about half of the attempts fails, and one of the factors is the quality of the nest”, — said the employee of the Ministry of primary industries, water and environment Tasmania, biologist Rachel Alderman. Artificial nests from Adobe (consisting of clay soil and straw, a building material) and foam, made

The Russians confirm the theory of the Nobel laureate in Economics

The Russians confirm the theory of the Nobel laureate in Economics Richard Thaler on Monday received the Nobel prize in Economics for contributions to the study of economic behavior. His work explain why people love discounts, go into debt and watching expenses. The behavior of the Russians is a great illustration of the concept of Thaler, economists say. The contribution of Thaler, not only in the description of the solutions — he showed how to manipulate people’s behavior, according to economists surveyed by Bi-bi-si. The Taler became the progenitor of the concept of “mental accounting” is how people think when you make a economic decision. For example, whether to buy thing on sale at a discount or in a nearby store without discount at the same price. Russian economists believe that “mental accounting” to explain many phenomena of Russian reality, including the device of the pension system, the lack of

Named the average salary in Moscow in 2020

Named the average salary in Moscow in 2020 Average nominal wage in Moscow in the end of this year will amount to 63 thousand roubles, and in 2020 it will increase to 76 thousand. On Tuesday, October 10, said the head of the Department of economic policy and development of the city Vladimir Yefimov, said the Agency “Moscow”. According to him, in 2018 the average wage will increase by 7.8 percent to 67 thousand rubles. Decisions on indexation of salaries for civil servants is not accepted, said Yefimov. The last time it was held in 2008. 28 September, Deputy mayor for social development Leonid Pechatnikov said that the average salary of a physician in clinics of Department of health capital reached 110 thousand rubles. Average monthly salary in Russia in August was 38 040 rubles, according to Rosstat. Compared to August 2016, it grew by 7.1 percent in real terms

In the Krasnoyarsk territory stolen bridge

Unknown stole a concrete slab from the bridge, through which vacationers get to their sites in the Krasnoyarsk region. From construction there were only the framework, informs television channel “Vesti-Novosibirsk”. Police speculated that the plates could be stolen for resale for each of them can receive two thousand rubles. The channel notes that the police have to figure out who the owner of the bridge to the municipality it belongs, and without an owner it is impossible to bring a case. “If Robin hood who at his own expense built a ferry to the cottages, will find, and thieves can evade prosecution,” conclude the authors of the plot. In may it was reported that in the Kemerovo region of 18-year-old boy stole the sign dimensions height from which wanted to make a shovel, and train gates — he was going to use for the construction of the aqueduct. Before that,

Drunken villagers wanted to make a light from a traffic light and got under court

Two residents of Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region will appear before court for stealing traffic lights. This was reported on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office. According to the materials of the criminal case, at the end of April 2017, two drunken men were returning from the rural disco home and on the way stole standing on the road the traffic light. From its display they are planning to do Lumiere. Not included in the message if they managed to do it. Subsequently, in the house of one of them was found part of the traffic light. The prosecutors said that the thieves caused to the regional Department of transport losses in the amount of 15 thousand rubles. Even more 65 thousand it will cost to repair the damaged device. The defendants pleaded guilty. To them threatens till five years of imprisonment. In August of this year it

The passengers of flight Moscow — new York tied rowdy and handed over to the FBI

The passengers of flight Moscow — new York tied rowdy and handed over to the FBI MOSCOW, 10 Oct — RIA Novosti. Passenger business class flight “Aeroflot” Moscow-new York hit a flight attendant and got into a fight with another passenger, the bully was tied up and handed to American police, told RIA Novosti the airline. The incident occurred on October 8 in the business class of the plane, EN route flight SU102 Moscow to new York. “During the flight the passenger was behaving inappropriately (presumably was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication), was struck in the face the stewardess, got in a fight with a passenger in business class,” the airline said on Tuesday. Rowdy was issued a verbal and written warning, he was subsequently associated other passengers and on arrival at the destination airport handed over to the police and the FBI. “At the moment, law enforcement

The Federal tourism Agency said the number of victims in road accident in Tunisia Russians

The Federal tourism Agency said the number of victims in road accident in Tunisia Russians Moscow. 10 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Six Russians were injured in the incident on Tuesday, a traffic accident in Tunisia, four of them were taken to hospital. This was reported by “Interfax” Advisor of the head of the Federal tourism Agency Svetlana Sergeeva, citing data from the Russian Embassy in Tunisia. In the accident suffered six Russians, four of them are in the hospital, two medical assistance was not needed. Two are hospitalized will be released tomorrow.Svetlana Serieusement the head of the Federal tourism Agency According to her, “all the victims were insured, all necessary help will be rendered”. Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday morning in Tunis, an accident — on the road leading to Ong Jamel, near the town of Tozeur in the South of the country turned over a car with Russian