Millions of users Pornhub attacked

Cybersecurity experts from the organization Proofpoint discovered the malicious campaign that spreads advertising network on the popular pornoresursy Pornhub. This publication reports The Hacker News.

According to experts, infected the computers of millions of users around the world. Campaign active for more than a year and are aimed at people using the Windows operating system. Responsibility for the attack took hacker group KovCoreG known for distribution of malicious adware called Kovter.

KovCoreG Pornhub chosen as one of the most visited websites in the world for adult. The attackers used the substitution of Windows with video content and required users to install fake updates for browsers, ostensibly required to continue viewing.

Specialists Proofpoint report that phishing messages came to users when part of a legitimate advertising network Traffic Junky, which is not responsible for the promoted content.

The network directs viewers to a malicious website. Users of Chrome and Firefox show a fake browser window, and users of Internet Explorer and Edge was received a fake Flash update.

The hacker’s goal was gaining access to personal information and financial instruments of visitors to Pornhub. Currently, Pornhub and Traffic Junky are denied access to the chain of infection and struggling with the consequences of the attack.

Last summer, hackers use the Pornhub brand to launch an attack on members of the public organizations in the United States. On behalf of several popular pornresource attackers sent out to activists emails that contain phishing links and stole the personal data of victims.