Iraqi forces took control of Kirkuk

Iraqi forces took control of Kirkuk Units of the Iraqi army took control of the city of Kirkuk. About it reports Reuters. Special forces soldiers, accompanied by armored columns entered the city center in the afternoon, October 16. Encountering no resistance, the soldiers occupied the administration building and raised over it the flag of Iraq. Happy welcomed by local residents, hostile to the control of Kirkuk to the Kurds. Previously, on 16 October it was reported that the Iraqi military seized the airport, a military airfield and a few oil fields around the city. September 25, Iraqi Kurds voted in the referendum for an independent state. The holding of this plebiscite has caused negative reaction in Baghdad. On 27 September, the Iraqi Parliament appealed to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a request to send army units in Kurdish-controlled province. Kirkuk is a disputed territory. The authorities of the Autonomous Iraqi

The Russian foreign Ministry called false reports in the British media about the supply of petroleum products to the Taliban

The building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation © Roman Canasuc/TASS MOSCOW, October 16. /TASS/. Message the British media about the supply of Russian oil to the Taliban – fakes, which are aimed at diverting international community’s attention from the failures of the power politics of NATO in Afghanistan. On Monday said the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Due to forest fires in Portugal have killed 27 people

Victims of forest fires in Portugal were 27 people, injuring 51 people, 15 of them are in serious condition. It is reported SAPO24. In extinguishing the fire involved six thousand firemen and rescuers, who have 1.8 thousand units of special equipment. The main fires are located in the districts of Coimbra, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Aveiro, Leiria, Lisbon, Viseu, Vila real and Santarem. The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa released in connection with this situation a special statement. “The head of state expresses its solidarity with the people and local authorities throughout the country, and also thanked the fire Department and other structures of civil protection, involved in fire fighting, and expresses its deep condolences to the bereaved families”, — the document says. Portuguese authorities have called the current forest fires are the most powerful after similar events this summer. Then fire victims were 64 people.

Imprisoned for “drug” dust donuts from the American received the payment

American Daniel Rushing in prison due to the fact that the police took sugar in his car for methamphetamine, received from the authorities of Orlando compensation in the amount of 37.5 thousand dollars. Reported by the New York Post. In December 2015, he was stopped by traffic police. Seeing the car of 64-year-old man traces of a substance similar to a drug, he was sent to a day in jail. The American claimed it was powdered sugar from the donuts, however, the guards did not believe him at first, assuming it’s cocaine, and then came to the conclusion that we are talking about meth. Later it turned out that the Rushing is not cheating and it’s really powdered sugar. According to the suspect, after his arrest, he was not able to find a job, so I decided to hire a lawyer and go to court for compensation for moral damage.

Astronomers first heard gravitational waves from merging neutron stars

Astronomers first heard gravitational waves from merging neutron stars Scientists for the first time in the history of recorded gravitational waves from the merger of two neutron stars — super dense objects with mass of our Sun and the size of Moscow. Then caused a gamma-ray burst and flash bulanovoi watched about 70 ground-based and space-based observatories — they were able to see theorists predicted the synthesis of heavy elements, including gold and platinum, and to confirm the correctness of the hypotheses about the nature of the mysterious short gamma-ray bursts, according to the press service of the collaboration LIGO/Virgo, the European southern Observatory and the Observatory, Los Cumbres. The results of observations may shed light on the mystery of the structure of neutron stars and the formation of heavy elements in the Universe. On the morning of August 17, 2017 (8:41 on the East coast of the United States,

Pavlensky explained the arson of the Bank of France desire to “blow up the fire of the world revolution”

Pavlensky explained the arson of the Bank of France desire to “blow up the fire of the world revolution” Moscow. 16 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Actionist-an emigrant from Russia, Peter Pavlensky, who organized the night of Monday an attack on a branch of the Bank of France in Paris, explained that the goal of his actions — the revolutionary fire throughout the world. “The Bank of France took place on the place de La Bastille (the Bastille prison during the revolution was a symbol of the French monarchy — if), the bankers took the place of monarchs. The French revolution made France a symbol of freedom for the whole world. In 1917, thanks to this symbol, Russia rushed to freedom. However, a hundred years later the tyranny reigns again, and it happens everywhere. The revival of revolutionary France will cause a revolutionary fire throughout the world. In this fire, Russia will

The bulldog won the contest for the weirdest item eaten

The bulldog won the contest for the weirdest item eaten Veterinarians, for their practice of watching the different ailments of animals, staged a competition for the most outstanding subject, ever eat our smaller brothers. This year the winner was a voracious English bulldog. X-ray of the stomach of a bulldog Leah from Massachusetts showed that the animal had swallowed two five-centimeter bone, not bothering to chew. Of course, Lee then very unwell. Bones managed to extract, so the bulldog has become famous. Bulldog Wins Vets’ Annual X-Ray Contest, Swallowing TWO Bones, Whole @DailyMail — KVJ Show (@KVJShow) October 16, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. Another pet — turtle seven-year-old Lola — was at the center of attention because it ate a turtle pendant size 1.5 cm Nine-month-old Rottweiler Gerta swallowed a watch of his master. They successfully “ticked” in her stomach, continuing to count down

Mutko told about bullying experienced

Vitaly Mutko Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said that during training as a mechanic in the professional technical school №226 of the river fleet in the city of Petrokrepost, Leningrad region was subjected to bullying. His words leads TASS on Monday, October 16. “Hazing was terrible. (…) In the first year mother sent me parcels while I was up on the third floor of the parcels there was nothing left. In the second year we covered bullying; a lot of this was the life,” — said Vice-Premier at the meeting with participants and volunteers of the world festival of youth and students in Sochi. Mutko also admitted that in his youth wanted to become a sea captain, although not endured pitching: “With 12 years of dreaming about it.” Vitaly Mutko has graduated from the school №226 in 1977. Over the next two years he worked as the sailor-a mechanic on

The Director of the orphanage near Yaroslavl forced the children to drink their own urine

In the Yaroslavl region began preliminary examination of media reports about abuse of juvenile inmates of one of the boarding schools for children with special needs. We are talking about the Director of the institution, which forced pupils to drink their urine. On Monday, October 16, the press service of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee. As informs Regnum, in the office of the Commissioner for children’s rights of the Yaroslavl region confirmed the information. It turned out that three of the sixteen students of the orphanage peed in a drinking water tank. Teachers found out about it and took the offending Director. As punishment for a breach of discipline the head of the institution forced the inmates to urinate into the banks for collection, analysis, and drink the contents. “I’d like to see the evaluation of the actions of the teacher from the Department of education. No matter

Omsk gay publicly spoke about the torture in a secret prison in Chechnya

Maxim Lapunov A native of Omsk Maxim Lapunov written statement to the Investigative Committee about his prosecution for homosexuality in Chechnya and revealed details of torture in a secret prison on a press-conferences in “Novaya Gazeta” on Monday, October 16. The man said that he came to Grozny in 2015 to work in the field of events, found a niche and stayed in Chechnya. Problems with the law he was not, but in March of this year on the street, where he sold balloons, he was detained two people in civilian clothes. They took it by force and held in the basement of a building 12 days. Presumably, it was the Chechen secret prison for suspected homosexuality, which previously wrote the publication. Lapunov said that he was beaten with sticks and tortured with electric shocks, he told me about other gay people. In jail every day brought new hostages. Just