The bulldog won the contest for the weirdest item eaten

The bulldog won the contest for the weirdest item eaten

Veterinarians, for their practice of watching the different ailments of animals, staged a competition for the most outstanding subject, ever eat our smaller brothers. This year the winner was a voracious English bulldog.

X-ray of the stomach of a bulldog Leah from Massachusetts showed that the animal had swallowed two five-centimeter bone, not bothering to chew. Of course, Lee then very unwell. Bones managed to extract, so the bulldog has become famous.

Bulldog Wins Vets’ Annual X-Ray Contest, Swallowing TWO Bones, Whole @DailyMail

— KVJ Show (@KVJShow) October 16, 2017
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Another pet — turtle seven-year-old Lola — was at the center of attention because it ate a turtle pendant size 1.5 cm

Nine-month-old Rottweiler Gerta swallowed a watch of his master. They successfully “ticked” in her stomach, continuing to count down the time. Labrador Ben swallowed a set of tea candles: during the surgery of his stomach was removed 38 candles. Another Labrador Retriever swallowed two spoonfuls, reports The Daily Mail.

Another English bulldog named Otis managed to eat a few small metal dinosaurs. His other colleague, bulldog Plymouth, enjoyed the rubber duck.

One day, veterinarians found in the stomach of a puppy 176 penny.

The findings, though unexpected, sometimes very funny, but, overall, unpleasant. Veterinarians are not tired to warn: dear owners of Pets, follow those whom you have tamed!