Called the correct method of squeezing pimples

Practicing dermatologist Erin Gilbert of new York (USA) called the effective way to remove acne at home, reports Business Insider. The main danger in the removal of acne, according to Gilbert, are skin damage, in particular scratches and infection. To reduce the first risk, the doctor offers to skin cooling, which can use a small ice cube wrapped in a paper towel or a slice of cucumber, previously placed in the refrigerator. To prevent infection Gilbert recommends using an antibacterial cream. Apply the ointment the medic advises only in case of significant redness of the skin in the area of the pimple. Initially, Gilbert recommends alone does not remove acne, but to wait for their disappearance. In April, the American scientists have named the main reason for the development of inflammatory skin diseases, particularly acne. Experts believe that the presence or absence of acne on the face determines the overall

Attacked Felgenhauer man has been unable to find work in Israel

Boris Grits Boris grits, on Monday attacked with a knife on the journalist of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer, complained that within five years could not find work in Israel. This he reported in a letter to Israeli channel nine. “Five years, since the summer of 2012 to today, I can’t find a job in Israel,” wrote the grits. He noted that he has two higher education (teachers of physics from Moscow and PhD in physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem). He also graduated from courses in programming, “spent a year of his life and a lot of money”. Grits also mentioned the health problems, including heart attack, which does not allow him to get a job requiring heavy physical labor. “Actually, I left only the possibility of employment at the level of senior care or cleaning” — he wrote. “I’m sure what’s going on with me these five

The cause of the murder an employee of Regardie colleagues in Chechnya

Senior Lieutenant of Regardie killed his colleagues in the Chechen village of Shelkovskaya after learned that he was going to dismiss from military service. On Tuesday, October 23, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”. The newspaper’s sources indicate that on Monday, a senior Lieutenant, a native of Dagestan, who served in the detachment of the 46th order of Zhukov separate brigade of operative purpose, decided to find out the relationship with the officer who filed the motion on his dismissal from service for violations. Before that, the Lieutenant drank, took from the Armory the submachine gun and went to their abuser. He was held off by the platoon commander who tried to stop him but was killed. Then, the native of Dagestan, was shot three ordinary soldiers who came running at the sound of gunfire. The shooting occurred in the arrangement of parts, there has been a group of special forces Regardie,

In Argentina mother took video of the lightning hit with my son

In Argentina mother took video of the lightning hit with my son MOSCOW, October 23 — RIA Novosti. In Argentina captured on video a lightning strike to the umbrella of a teenager, played in the yard. The video, filmed by the boy’s mother, was posted on YouTube. During the download an error has occurred. As told the publication Infobae, the mother of 12-year-old boy Carolina Kotur, during the thunderstorms she tried to calm her daughter, who was afraid of the lightning. At this time, the housekeeper told Caroline that her son plays in the rain. She began to remove his son, who stood with an umbrella under the drain pipe. Suddenly near the boy was struck by lightning, after which the woman panicked and dropped the phone. Journalists, she said that the child was not injured. “Thank God, nothing happened,” said Kotur.

Procession against “Matilda” at the Mariinsky theatre

Procession against “Matilda” at the Mariinsky theatre In St. Petersburg theatre hosted the premiere of the acclaimed film. Orthodox activists on October 23 organized a procession around the Mariinsky theatre before the premiere of the movie “Matilda”. Protesters called the presentation of the film “disgrace”. The procession, organized movement, “king’s cross”, reported on the website of the movement in “Vkontakte”. The deputies of the “Yabloko” in St. Petersburg offer to bring local law into conformity with Federal law and to equate religious rituals and ceremonies to meetings, reports “Rosbalt”. For the premiere of “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel on October 23 at the new stage of the Mariinsky theatre will bring together about 1000 people, reported “Interfax” by the organizers. Theatre needs to bring a film crew to Alexei Uchitel, Ingeborga Dapkunaite and lawyer, Konstantin Dobrynin. The painting caused a wide resonance among the religious community, after she drew the attention

“And often he does that?” dog Makron interrupted a meeting

“And often he does that?” dog Makron interrupted a meeting “First dog” of France — black Labrador, Nemo, relieve themselves on the fireplace of the Elysee Palace during a meeting of Emmanuel Macron and state secretaries. Macron took the dog from a shelter in August, Nemo — Metis of Labrador and Griffon. This is not the first dog at the Elysee Palace, formerly there lived a black Labrador Francois Hollande. During the download an error has occurred.

Peskov commented on the plans of employees of the Kremlin to watch “Matilda”

Expert movies is not the role of members of the presidential administration of Russia, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. His words to the correspondent “” on Monday, October 23. “Of course, those who want in order to watch this movie. Those who do not want, do not go and do not look,” said Sands, answering the question, reviewed in the Kremlin with the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. September 28, gum hosted a private screening of the film for the deputies of the state Duma. Spectrometer paintings was organized after the request of members of the state Duma Committee on culture. Later, the audience shared their impressions. In particular, the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on state construction and legislation Mikhail Emelyanov called “Matilda” is a wonderful tape. The next day Peskov said the presidential administration is not planned private screening of the film. In mid-September, the press Secretary

The man stole and ate a puppy in Transbaikalia

A resident of the city Khilok in Zabaykalsky Krai entered in one of the suburban areas, stole a three-month puppy Alabai and ate it, according to the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola. “The police have carried out a complex investigation actions, which managed to establish the suspect in the theft of the dog. It was the 20-year-old local resident. Unfortunately, to return the pet to the hostess failed, it turned out that the young man used it in food,” — said the press service of the Ministry. Other details were not given. In relation to men a criminal case of theft (part 2 of article 158 of the criminal code). He faces up to five years of imprisonment. Earlier in October, it was reported that the administration of a shelter for animals in the Tver region has issued bogus certificates and thus illegally put to sleep more than

Russian military in Armenia accidentally killed a fellow officer and was shot

Russian military in Armenia accidentally killed a fellow officer and was shot Moscow. 23 Oct. INTERFAX.RU IN Armenia a Russian soldier unintentionally shot from the automatic machine of the colleague then killed himself, said Monday in a press-service of the southern military district. “On October 23 at the Alagyaz polygon (Republic of Armenia) upon delivery of the weapons after the training, a soldier of contract service flagrantly violated safety requirements, and instinctively fired a gun, fatally wounding another soldier contract. Frightened of the offense and of responsibility for the death of a colleague who shot the soldier was shot,” — said the press service. “To clarify the circumstances of the incident, the site works Commission of the southern military district”, — have informed in a press-service.

Transparency international has revealed financial irregularities in 14 theaters

Transparency international has revealed financial irregularities in 14 theaters The organization “transparency international — Russia” has conducted its own investigation and found out that the theater regularly pay large fees in fact themselves. “Transparency” issued statements to the Prosecutor General that in three cases, with Kirill Serebrennikov, Yuri by Kuklachev and Yevgeny Marcelli — confirmed violation of Federal law. “Oleg Tabakov, Nadezhda Babkina, Konstantin Raikin, Oleg Menshikov and Kirill Serebrennikov get contracts from their theatres, artificially creating additional opportunities for earning money”, — says the publication on the website. “Transparency” checked commercial activity leaders are only about 135 of the state theatres of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 14 of them violations were discovered: theatres hired their artistic Directors as actors and Directors, and they rented space and props for productions. “In the years 2013-2017, they signed more than 60 contracts totaling in excess of 97 million rubles,” — said