Attacked Felgenhauer man has been unable to find work in Israel

Boris Grits

Boris grits, on Monday attacked with a knife on the journalist of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer, complained that within five years could not find work in Israel. This he reported in a letter to Israeli channel nine.

“Five years, since the summer of 2012 to today, I can’t find a job in Israel,” wrote the grits.

He noted that he has two higher education (teachers of physics from Moscow and PhD in physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem). He also graduated from courses in programming, “spent a year of his life and a lot of money”.

Grits also mentioned the health problems, including heart attack, which does not allow him to get a job requiring heavy physical labor. “Actually, I left only the possibility of employment at the level of senior care or cleaning” — he wrote.

“I’m sure what’s going on with me these five years, evidence of serious problems in Israeli society. About these problems it is necessary to tell, they need to discuss. If you have a program devoted to problems of this kind, would be happy to participate in it”, — concluded the grits in a letter to the editor of the Ninth channel.

The attack on Tatiana Felgenhauer was committed in the premises of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” in the afternoon of 23 October. The man broke into the editorial office past the guards, hit the journalist with a knife in the neck, after which he was arrested. His act he explained the “psychic harassment” from the leader. The victim was hospitalized, operated on and temporarily entered into a state of artificial coma.

Background: Doctors have evaluated the prospects of treatment Felgenhauer