Called the correct method of squeezing pimples

Practicing dermatologist Erin Gilbert of new York (USA) called the effective way to remove acne at home, reports Business Insider.

The main danger in the removal of acne, according to Gilbert, are skin damage, in particular scratches and infection.

To reduce the first risk, the doctor offers to skin cooling, which can use a small ice cube wrapped in a paper towel or a slice of cucumber, previously placed in the refrigerator.

To prevent infection Gilbert recommends using an antibacterial cream. Apply the ointment the medic advises only in case of significant redness of the skin in the area of the pimple.

Initially, Gilbert recommends alone does not remove acne, but to wait for their disappearance.

In April, the American scientists have named the main reason for the development of inflammatory skin diseases, particularly acne. Experts believe that the presence or absence of acne on the face determines the overall microflora, and not the presence of a particular strain of bacteria.