Opened fire in Las Vegas killed

A man opened fire on visitors of the music festival in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), was killed. On Monday, October 2, according to ABC News, citing the statement of the representative of the police. The guards did not specify the attacker acted alone or had accomplices. Earlier, on 2 October, near Mandalay Bay Casino, he started shooting at the participants and spectators held a concert there. In the attack two people were killed and 24 were injured. According to the representative of the city health Department, 14 of the injured are in critical or serious condition.

Germany was the first same-sex marriage

Bodo Mende and Carl Krill In Germany October 1, was first recorded same-sex marriage. About this reports Deutsche Welle. Certificate on conclusion of marriage in the town hall of Berlin’s schöneberg district received a 60-year-old Bodo Mende (Mende Bodo) and 59-year-old Carl Kreil (Karl Kreil). This event became possible after the entry into the country in virtue of law on “marriage for all”. Sunday, October 1, in the German capital for same-sex couples were also opened registry offices in the districts of Tempelhof-schöneberg and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. About his plans that day to issue marriage said a total of nine couples, in particular family ties made to each member of the Bundestag from the party “Soyuz-90″/ “Green” Volker Beck (Volker Beck) and his partner Adrian Petkov (Petkov Adrian). On 30 June, the German Parliament by a majority of votes approved a law on the legalization of gay marriage. The decision was supported

With his dead son in the sewage system the British put in jail

A British court sentenced 29-year-old Sinead Connet to a year in prison because she hid the corpse of his son in the sewer. About it reports BBC News. “It is impossible to escape the fact that your dead son three years spent in the sewers of your parents. You didn’t give him any posthumous dignity,” — said judge Jeremy Richardson. How did you find the result, contractions of konnet began on August 6-7, 2013, when she was returning from a holiday. The woman explained: the child was stillborn. She, terrified, took his body and carried to home to my parents where I hid in the sewers. A study of the remains of the boy showed that at the time of birth it was carrying at least seven months. Forensic experts found he had a break in the skull, but was unable to determine the exact cause of death. Wanting to

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine explained the explosions near Vinnitsa

MOSCOW, 30 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the cause of the explosion at the ammunition depots near Vinnitsa was “sabotage” by Russia. Video of the speech Lutsenko on air of TV channel “inter” published on Facebook by his press Secretary Larisa Sargan. “We tend to think that all the recent bombings are part of the military actions of the Russian Federation. We see some signs of sabotage”, — Lutsenko declared, expressing the view that the explosion can be caused by the inherent trigger. Ukrainian Prosecutor General also said that the explosions at the ammunition depots in Balakleya that occurred in March of this year, happened because of the Russian drone, which allegedly dropped thermobaric warheads. His version of Lutsenko did not substantiate. Saboteurs were not Earlier, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios has denied reports that the explosions in military

The OSCE condemned the attack on the editors”.ru”

Photo: Panoramic / Zumapress / The OSCE representative on freedom of the media Harlem Desir condemned the attack on the editor of the online edition of “” in Moscow. This is stated in the statement published on the organization’s website. “I condemn this attack, and I welcome early commencement of the investigation, appeal that involved was brought to justice,” said Desir. He added that in fact all of the attacks on the media should be held investigated in full, “to prevent an atmosphere of impunity”. The attack on the office “” on the Warsaw highway occurred on the night of 29 September. Unknown staged arson, broke the glass in the Windows and painted the walls of the building with Nazi symbols. The fire was quickly extinguished, nobody has suffered. The police opened a criminal case on hooliganism is the search for the attacker. Investigation is taken on control by

In the United States appeared first squadron of underwater robots

In the United States appeared first squadron of underwater robots US Navy at the end of September of current year has formed in its composition the first in the history of a squadron of underwater robots. According to the American Navy, the new formation was designated the UUVRON 1 (Unmanned Undersea Vehicle SquadRON 1, 1st squadron of unmanned underwater vehicles). Underwater robots used by the military for decades. They are used for inspection of the seabed, to search for mines and divers of the enemy, inspection of underwater part of ships and for exploration. Such devices are attributed to various auxiliary ships. Still independent formations with underwater robots, did not exist. In the near future an independent squadron of underwater robots to carry out conventional for such devices, as suggested by the military in a few years she will be able to participate in the fighting. Details of the apparatus,

The Russians were the winners of the contest of astronomical photos

The Russians were the winners of the contest of astronomical photos The jury of the largest international competition of astrophotography Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year in mid-September announced the winners. Best astrophotographs year was Artem Mironov. His the dust clouds in the nebula Ro recognized the best in nomination “Stars and nebula”. In the category “People and space” the jury awarded a victory to a picture of Yuri Star. The winner of the “Our Sun” Alexander HART from the UK filmed the transit of mercury may 9, 2016. It lasted 7.5 hours, which made it the longest in the last 100 years. First place in the nomination “the Polar lights” The picture was taken on the Cape Stokksnes in Iceland. First place in the nomination “the Planets, comets and asteroids” Briton Roger Hutchinson captured phase “Evolution of Venus”. First place in the nomination “the Heavenly scenery” First place in

The expert Council of VAK recommended to deprive Medina of the degree of doctor of science

The expert Council of VAK recommended to deprive Medina of the degree of doctor of science The expert Council of the Higher attestation Commission (HAC) in history recommended to deprive the Minister of culture Vladimir Medina of the degree of doctor of Sciences. On making this decision, RBC reported activist “Discerneth” Ivan Babitsky, who in 2016, applied on the deprivation of Minister degree in connection with the “absurdity” of his thesis “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV—XVII centuries.” “Finally something happened that had to happen. Only the Expert Council of VAK in history by an overwhelming majority, decided contrary to the conclusion of Belgorod of the Council to support our application for Medina deprivation of a scientific degree of the doctor of historical Sciences. The decision was announced in my presence,” he wrote later Babitsky on his page in the

The government of Moscow region has told about strengthening of cancer services

For the first eight months of 2017 in the suburbs died of cancer 8.2 thousand people, which is 2.5 thousand less than the year before. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Monday, 2 Oct. “According to Rosstat, in January–August 2017 in the Moscow region, mortality from neoplasms decreased by 24.7 percent compared to the same period last year”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Olga Zabralova. She stressed, in the suburbs, is a serious strengthening of cancer services. “In may of 2017 put into operation a new surgical building for 250 beds of the Moscow regional oncologic dispensary. The case is fitted with the latest equipment, including video endoscopy for the conduct of operations with the ability to broadcast in real time,” recalled Zabralova. On 6 September it was reported that this year to help with cancer patients in the region

Damage to the suburban nature was estimated at 38 million rubles

156 violations of environmental law identified the Ministry of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region in the course of Supervisory activities in the past month. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Monday, 2 Oct. “Damage to the environment identified during the September checks, estimated at 38.1 million rubles and will be charged to violators for compensation,” — said the Minister of ecology of the region Alexander Kogan. Just in September, the staff of the state ecological supervision conducted 687 inspections of compliance with environmental legislation. The sum of imposed fines amounted to more than 10 million rubles, the report States. On 12 September, the environment of the suburbs proposed to give health inspectors the right to fine individuals for illegal dumping of household waste. Kogan explained that for sanitary cleaning of the territory of the responsible authorities of the municipalities, but the levers