Espionage against Russia: Ukraine moved to action

The head of the state Committee for interethnic relations of the government of Crimea Zaur Smirnov has accused Ukraine of sabotage and espionage. He stated to RIA Novosti. As political and media pressure and blockades did not bring destabilization in the Crimea, Kiev switched to “active Subversion and espionage action,” said Smirnov. Earlier, the FSB announced the detention in Simferopol of two Russians suspected of espionage in favor of Ukraine. According to authorities, they were collected and transferred to the Ukrainian security services of state secret information on the activities of units and formations of the black sea fleet.

UAE authorities have launched a free online education

UAE authorities have launched a free online education The UAE government announced the launch of a free educational program for the Arab world Arabic E-Learning Project. This publication reports Arabian Business. The program was launched in the framework of the Challenge of Translation — translation into Arabic of 11 million words related to mathematics and natural Sciences, 5 thousand videos and other educational materials. After starting the program the Dubai urged everyone to take part in their Arabic translation. All of the materials after transfer will be presented for free online for 50 million Arab school students. According to UAE authorities, the purpose of the educational program is to provide students with academic materials in math and science in Arabic and improve the quality of education in the Arab world.

Marilyn Manson was interrupted by the tour given at the concert injuries

Marilyn Manson was interrupted by the tour given at the concert injuries Singer Marilyn Manson has canceled nine concerts of his tour of the US because you obtained in concert injury, reports The Rolling Stone. The concert of the singer will resume on October 14. According to a representative of Manson, after the incident at the concert he received treatment at a clinic in new York and went home. The gravity received by the singer of the injuries not reported. Earlier it became known that during the concert, Marilyn Manson collapsed scenery. #BREAKING Marilyn Manson was crushed by a stage prop. He was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the show. — Ozzie Espinosa (@OzzieEOfficial_) October 1, 2017. During the download an error has occurred.

The government of Catalonia announced the results of the referendum on independence

For the acquisition of the Catalonia independence from Spain voted 90 percent of the region’s residents who participated in the referendum. As reported by Reuters, said the Catalan government. The turnout of 2.26 million voters out of 5.34 million residents of the region eligible to participate in the vote, that is, 42.3 per cent. The vote on the referendum on independence of Catalonia from Spain was held on Sunday, October 1. The Central power of the Kingdom in every possible way tried to prevent holding of the plebiscite. In particular, it was reported that the Spanish police used against those who voted in Barcelona rubber bullets. According to the latest data of the authorities of Catalonia, the number of victims has reached 844. The head of the government of Catalonia Carles Putteman said that the Catalans have made their right to sovereignty. He promised that in the next few days

In the hotel “Moscow” there was a fire

Located in the heart of the capital building of the hotel “Moscow” started a fire. On Sunday, October 1, according to the source “” in law enforcement. Clarifies that the smoke filled all the floors of the building, produced a complete evacuation of the people inside. Traffic on the street Okhotny Ryad limited, also blocked the pedestrian zone. According to the source, the fire occurred in the ventilation systems on the technical floor of the hotel. The fire area is two square meters, at 19:45 it was localized. The fire was completely liquidated at 19:48 GMT. Hotel “Moscow”, one of the largest in the capital, was demolished in 2004. In its place, in 2013 we completed the construction of a new building, reproducing the appearance of the same. Currently, it takes Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, also located in the building restaurants and a shopping gallery.

On Board the aircraft died, the passenger of flight Moscow—Ufa

The passenger of the flight Moscow—Ufa died on Board the aircraft on Sunday, October 1, said “the” the official representative of the Moscow interregional investigative Department of the investigative Committee of Russia on transport Elena Markovskaya. According to her, on Sunday, 1 October at 14:30 from the airport Vnukovo the plane took off, flying to Ufa. Soon one of the passengers felt ill and then lost consciousness. Half an hour later the crew made an emergency landing at Vnukovo airport, but who was on the Board, the doctors stated the death of the woman. She added that pre-investigating check launched. A law enforcement source said “the” that the woman spent several months in a Moscow hospital where was undergoing treatment for serious chronic diseases. The day before she was discharged with marked improvement, and she went home. “During takeoff, the passenger lost consciousness, she tried to assist the

The man fell out of a helicopter into the ocean off the coast of California

The man fell out of a helicopter into the ocean off the coast of California An unidentified man died off the coast of Malibu in California, falling from the helicopter into the Pacific ocean, reports the FAN. It is reported that employees of local fire services found the body of a man about a mile from the shore. In the present investigation, the circumstances of the incident are employees of law enforcement bodies. The details of the incident are not reported, remains unknown, the victim jumped or accidentally fell.

IG* has claimed responsibility for the attack at the train station in Marseille

IG* has claimed responsibility for the attack at the train station in Marseille MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Banned in Russia and other countries of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) claimed responsibility for the attack at the train station in Marseilles, in which two women died, reports Reuters. On Sunday, unknown persons with a knife, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”, attacked passersby at the train station in Marseille. The police eliminated the attacker, the victims of the attack were two women. Attentat à la gare Saint-Charles de #Marseille : Daesh revendique l attaque — La Provence (@laprovence) October 1, 2017. During the download an error has occurred. The interior Minister of France Gerard Collon said earlier that the attack on people on the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille could be a terrorist attack, but the investigators have to determine precisely all the facts. *A terrorist organization banned in

About 90% of Catalans voted for independence from Spain

About 90% of Catalans voted for independence from Spain These figures are published after processing of 2.26 million ballots. Moscow. 2 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — About 90% of Catalans voted for independence from Spain, writes in La Vanguardia on Monday. Currently processed 2 million 262 thousand ballots. “For” in favor of 2.02 million people, “against” — 176,5 thousand. “Out of the 2,262,424 ballots that were not seized, 2,020,144 were YES votes, NO votes were 176,566, 45,586 in blank and null votes 20,129” — Catalan Government (@catalangov) October 1, 2017 At boot time the error occurred. About 770 thousand people are unable to exercise their right to vote, 400 polling stations were closed. Earlier it was reported that the regional authorities have estimated the turnout at the referendum is about 3 million; just of Catalonia, is home to around 7.5 million people. El conseller anuncia que Jordi Turull de los votos escrutados