In the hotel “Moscow” there was a fire

Located in the heart of the capital building of the hotel “Moscow” started a fire. On Sunday, October 1, according to the source “” in law enforcement.

Clarifies that the smoke filled all the floors of the building, produced a complete evacuation of the people inside. Traffic on the street Okhotny Ryad limited, also blocked the pedestrian zone.

According to the source, the fire occurred in the ventilation systems on the technical floor of the hotel. The fire area is two square meters, at 19:45 it was localized.

The fire was completely liquidated at 19:48 GMT.

Hotel “Moscow”, one of the largest in the capital, was demolished in 2004. In its place, in 2013 we completed the construction of a new building, reproducing the appearance of the same. Currently, it takes Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, also located in the building restaurants and a shopping gallery.