Forced into marriage Pakistani poisoned her husband and 12 other people

Police in the Pakistani city Muzaffargarh (Punjab province) detained a woman named Asia Bibi (Bibi Asiya), suspected poisoning members of her husband’s family. It is reported BFMTV. According to investigators, she put poison in the milk but spouse didn’t drink. Then the mixture was used to prepare Lassi is popular in these places drinking yoghurt. The drink was designed for a big family of her husband. As a result, 13 people were killed, 14 are in the hospital. “We arrested ASIO Bibi, her aunt and a young man” — said the representative of the local police Ahmad Owais (Owais Ahmad). According to him, the aunt of the poisoner was the organizer and inspirer of crimes. The man was a lover of the suspect and an accomplice in the poisoning. Police believe that dared to murder a woman was married against her will, and the crime was a manifestation of revenge.

Planned the attack teenagers caught in Britain

In North Yorkshire police arrested two 14-year-olds on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack. On Tuesday, October 31, reports The Independent. According to law enforcement officers, they have no information that the men were linked to terrorist organizations or international extremist network. At the same time, police say continue to analyze a large number of different information contained on mobile devices detainees. According to unconfirmed information, the young criminals were planning to commit mass murder in a school. In this regard, the school has been strengthened security measures. On 18 October, the head of UK counterintelligence (MI5), Andrew Parker said that in 34 years of work in the secret service never faced so many terrorist attacks and attempts in the Kingdom. According to him, the UK is experiencing “unprecedented and relentless terrorist offensive.” In confirmation of his words, the head of MI5 gave the statistics: in seven months of this

Netflix suspends filming of “house of cards” because of the scandal with Kevin spacey

Netflix suspends filming of “house of cards” because of the scandal with Kevin spacey Netflix suspends filming of the sixth season of “house of cards” because of sexual scandal surrounding actor Kevin spacey, reports CNBC, citing a joint statement by Netflix and Media Rights Capital (MRC). “MRC (Media Rights Capital) and Netflix has decided to suspend the production of the sixth season of “house of cards” until further notice, so that we have time to analyze the situation and answer any questions that arise the cast”, — is spoken in the joint message of the companies. Earlier, the actor Anthony RAPP told BuzzFeed that the actor Kevin spacey molested him in 1986, when RAPP was 14 years old. In turn, spacey wrote on his Twitter page that he doesn’t remember this, but apologizes. Amid the scandal, Netflix has announced that the sixth season of “house of cards” will be the

The FT said the head of VTB in the “Stalin costume” at the party with investors

The FT said the head of VTB in the “Stalin costume” at the party with investors The head of VTB Andrey Kostin appeared before the participants of the investment forum in Moscow, in the image of Joseph Stalin, learned FT. In the Bank claim that the leadership has put on the costumes, “typical of the 1950-ies”. About it writes The Financial Times, by publishing the corresponding photo, sent by one of the readers. Your Halloween costume has nothing on this outfit from Stalin Andrei Kostin, who runs VTB, a top Kremlin bank — max seddon (@maxseddon) October 31, 2017 The first Deputy Chairman of VTB Yuri Soloviev appeared in front of investors in the image of Nikita Khrushchev, the publication adds. A welcome banner for guests of the evening was the phrase “Investors of all countries, unite”. Publication from Vadim L-v (@vadimivailov) Oct 25 2017 1:57 PDT During

Invitro said about recycling in Russia biomaterial Russians

Invitro said about recycling in Russia biomaterial Russians Moscow. 31 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Company “Invitro”, said that not remove the biomaterials of Russians abroad, and dispose of them in Russia. “All the biological material collected in medical offices “in vitro” on the territory of the Russian Federation, delivered to the laboratory facilities, which are exclusively within Russia. All the used biomaterial disposed within the laboratory facilities in strict accordance with Sanmina−10″, — said the press service of the company issued on Tuesday. The company stressed that are not engaged in scientific research in the study of the human genome and strictly observe the law on personal data. They added that participating in clinical trials of medicines in the framework of the law, but the biomaterial is also used in Russia. Earlier Tuesday, the state Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko on air of TV channel “Russia 1” mentioned “in vitro” in connection

Telegram fined for refusing to assist in the investigation of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

Company Telegram Messenger LLP was fined 800 thousand rubles for refusing to grant the FSB access keys to correspondence of several users. Two of them are suspected of organizing the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro on April 3, found the Republic. The publication writes that the FSB wanted to decrypt messages with six phone numbers whose owners, according to service, was “suspected of involvement in terrorist activities”. In its request, the FSB did not mention the names of the people for three numbers were only given nicknames. According to Rossvyaz, four phone was purchased in Moscow and the Moscow region, two in Dagestan and Krasnoyarsk region. Republic learned that only three numbers from the list was in the Telegram, and another one for WhatsApp, the other two phone is not tied to any of the popular messengers. “This, however, does not mean that earlier they did not use Telegram

The Ministry of the environment decided not to call his order the “garbage”

The Ministry of natural resources changed the name of the files attached to the draft order “On amendments to the rules of the hunt”. Of them removed obscene word. The document was published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts. On 30 October the Ministry of natural resources posted the draft order to which were attached two files under the names “R:херняпроект order” and “R:херняпояснительная”. As such, the documents have been on the portal for about a day, after which they were renamed. In the order it is proposed to clarify the rules of hunting, approved by the Ministry in November 2010. In particular, we are talking about the timing of spring hunting in the region. Earlier electronic reception of the state Duma has registered a complaint with women living on prospect Marshal Blucher in Saint-Petersburg. The site is regarded the second part of the name of

The gunners defended the heat in a hostel near St. Petersburg

Three dozen armed men with Kalashnikov rifles under the leadership of the commandant of the garrison Sertolovskoe cordoned off the officer’s dormitory in the village of Agalatovo of Leningrad oblast. A video posted on YouTube. According to 47news, the soldiers defended a military dormitory, which is home to 137 people, when the building tried to cut off from the heat. Employees of the municipal enterprise “Agalatovo-SERVIS” were going to sneak into the basement and cut the heating pipe. Assessment of public utilities, the debt management company for hot water and heating in the building amounted to 31 million rubles. The pipe from the hot water brewed in June, but the residents turned on the heating on their own. “Bestial conditions, just bestial. We have all the officers, commanders live, and wash not. The cold permanent mold appears. All get sick. No duty, no cleaners, not janitors. All reduced,” — said

What is criminal misconduct, and whether for him to be tried in Russia

What is criminal misconduct, and whether for him to be tried in Russia The Supreme court of Russia has proposed to enshrine in law the country’s new type of violation of the law, which will be called “a criminal offense” and will occupy a niche between crime and administrative offense. What is this concept and why it is needed? The proposal to introduce such a concept contained in the draft amendments to the criminal code, which has already received approval from the Supreme court and will soon be sent to the state Duma, have informed in a press-service of the court. What is it? Criminal offense is something between administrative offence and criminal offence. NewsCrime becomes a misdemeanor The main difference from a felony is that a misdemeanor does not entail deprivation of liberty and criminal record. According to the initiators of the amendments, the criminal offence can be called