The Ministry of the environment decided not to call his order the “garbage”

The Ministry of natural resources changed the name of the files attached to the draft order “On amendments to the rules of the hunt”. Of them removed obscene word. The document was published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

On 30 October the Ministry of natural resources posted the draft order to which were attached two files under the names “R:херняпроект order” and “R:херняпояснительная”. As such, the documents have been on the portal for about a day, after which they were renamed.

In the order it is proposed to clarify the rules of hunting, approved by the Ministry in November 2010. In particular, we are talking about the timing of spring hunting in the region.

Earlier electronic reception of the state Duma has registered a complaint with women living on prospect Marshal Blucher in Saint-Petersburg. The site is regarded the second part of the name of the military as a Mat.