Invitro said about recycling in Russia biomaterial Russians

Invitro said about recycling in Russia biomaterial Russians

Moscow. 31 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Company “Invitro”, said that not remove the biomaterials of Russians abroad, and dispose of them in Russia.

“All the biological material collected in medical offices “in vitro” on the territory of the Russian Federation, delivered to the laboratory facilities, which are exclusively within Russia. All the used biomaterial disposed within the laboratory facilities in strict accordance with Sanmina−10″, — said the press service of the company issued on Tuesday.

The company stressed that are not engaged in scientific research in the study of the human genome and strictly observe the law on personal data. They added that participating in clinical trials of medicines in the framework of the law, but the biomaterial is also used in Russia.

Earlier Tuesday, the state Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko on air of TV channel “Russia 1” mentioned “in vitro” in connection with a story about the possible transfer of biological material of the Russians to foreign researchers.