The gunners defended the heat in a hostel near St. Petersburg

Three dozen armed men with Kalashnikov rifles under the leadership of the commandant of the garrison Sertolovskoe cordoned off the officer’s dormitory in the village of Agalatovo of Leningrad oblast. A video posted on YouTube.

According to 47news, the soldiers defended a military dormitory, which is home to 137 people, when the building tried to cut off from the heat. Employees of the municipal enterprise “Agalatovo-SERVIS” were going to sneak into the basement and cut the heating pipe. Assessment of public utilities, the debt management company for hot water and heating in the building amounted to 31 million rubles. The pipe from the hot water brewed in June, but the residents turned on the heating on their own.

“Bestial conditions, just bestial. We have all the officers, commanders live, and wash not. The cold permanent mold appears. All get sick. No duty, no cleaners, not janitors. All reduced,” — said one of the residents of the hostel. Another woman reported that the children constantly have a cold, but move out to nowhere — men in military units.

The debt to hot water suppliers and heating has arisen from-for absence of the contract between JSC “Main office of the housing Fund” (established by Ministry of defence) and “Agalatovo-SERVIS”. The families of the officers pay, but it turned out that the money in a separate account and cannot be transferred for lack of documents, and the campus building was recognized by nonresidential real estate in 2006.

The Director of “Agalatovo-SERVIS” Badrashin said that until the military guard house, his staff will wait. “When you get tired, we still go in there and cut the pipe,” he said.

From 1 November all public utilities of the Ministry of defense is transitioning to a new structure — the Federal state institution “Central housing and communal management” (CJCU). It will not be a successor to the financial obligations. Head CIKU Alexander Zhdanov admitted that the situation with agalatovskijj hostel catastrophic, but to share thoughts about the future of the building refused.