Forced into marriage Pakistani poisoned her husband and 12 other people

Police in the Pakistani city Muzaffargarh (Punjab province) detained a woman named Asia Bibi (Bibi Asiya), suspected poisoning members of her husband’s family. It is reported BFMTV.

According to investigators, she put poison in the milk but spouse didn’t drink. Then the mixture was used to prepare Lassi is popular in these places drinking yoghurt. The drink was designed for a big family of her husband.

As a result, 13 people were killed, 14 are in the hospital. “We arrested ASIO Bibi, her aunt and a young man” — said the representative of the local police Ahmad Owais (Owais Ahmad). According to him, the aunt of the poisoner was the organizer and inspirer of crimes. The man was a lover of the suspect and an accomplice in the poisoning.

Police believe that dared to murder a woman was married against her will, and the crime was a manifestation of revenge.

Forced marriages are common in Pakistan, especially in rural and poor regions. Often girls are married off against their will as a teenager.