Germany was the first same-sex marriage

Bodo Mende and Carl Krill

In Germany October 1, was first recorded same-sex marriage. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

Certificate on conclusion of marriage in the town hall of Berlin’s schöneberg district received a 60-year-old Bodo Mende (Mende Bodo) and 59-year-old Carl Kreil (Karl Kreil). This event became possible after the entry into the country in virtue of law on “marriage for all”.

Sunday, October 1, in the German capital for same-sex couples were also opened registry offices in the districts of Tempelhof-schöneberg and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. About his plans that day to issue marriage said a total of nine couples, in particular family ties made to each member of the Bundestag from the party “Soyuz-90″/ “Green” Volker Beck (Volker Beck) and his partner Adrian Petkov (Petkov Adrian).

On 30 June, the German Parliament by a majority of votes approved a law on the legalization of gay marriage. The decision was supported 393 of 623 members. Against the legalization of marriage between people of the same sex was made by the Christian democratic Union and Christian social Union (CDU/CSU), who make up the majority in the ruling coalition. However, on 26 June, Chancellor Angela Merkel, a member of the CDU, called on them when the vote be guided by their own position, not the party. She said that voted against it, because for her marriage is the Union of man and woman.

Until 1969, homosexual acts in Germany criminally prosecuted. From 1999 on the territory of the Federal state of Hamburg had allowed same-sex formal unions (they are called “Hamburg marriage”). Since 2001, same-sex partnerships legalized in the entire country.