With his dead son in the sewage system the British put in jail

A British court sentenced 29-year-old Sinead Connet to a year in prison because she hid the corpse of his son in the sewer. About it reports BBC News.

“It is impossible to escape the fact that your dead son three years spent in the sewers of your parents. You didn’t give him any posthumous dignity,” — said judge Jeremy Richardson. How did you find the result, contractions of konnet began on August 6-7, 2013, when she was returning from a holiday. The woman explained: the child was stillborn. She, terrified, took his body and carried to home to my parents where I hid in the sewers.

A study of the remains of the boy showed that at the time of birth it was carrying at least seven months. Forensic experts found he had a break in the skull, but was unable to determine the exact cause of death. Wanting to avoid responsibility, Connet stated that the pregnancy resulted from rape. A DNA test revealed that the child’s father is her then boyfriend and current husband Jonathan Layfield.

“We wanted to be true. You have provided us with a whole set of lies. You have repeatedly lied and even made a serious statement about the rape. It is you — the author of all this horrific situation. You must be punished. You need to be immediately sent to prison,” concluded the judge his performance.