In the United States appeared first squadron of underwater robots

In the United States appeared first squadron of underwater robots

US Navy at the end of September of current year has formed in its composition the first in the history of a squadron of underwater robots. According to the American Navy, the new formation was designated the UUVRON 1 (Unmanned Undersea Vehicle SquadRON 1, 1st squadron of unmanned underwater vehicles).

Underwater robots used by the military for decades. They are used for inspection of the seabed, to search for mines and divers of the enemy, inspection of underwater part of ships and for exploration. Such devices are attributed to various auxiliary ships. Still independent formations with underwater robots, did not exist.

In the near future an independent squadron of underwater robots to carry out conventional for such devices, as suggested by the military in a few years she will be able to participate in the fighting. Details of the apparatus, standing on the arms UUVRON 1, were not disclosed.

In July this year, the Agency defense advanced development of the Pentagon has ordered the British company BAE Systems is developing underwater robots that could go under water in the group with submarines and search for the enemy submarine. New robots can be run through the standard torpedo tubes.

The project is called MOCCA (Mobile an offboard Clandestine Communications & Approach, mobile outboard secretive data exchange and review). The robots, which are planned to be developed in the framework of the project will be equipped with active sonar and underwater communication systems.

It is assumed that the submarine, which released robots that can navigate under water in quiet mode, in particular, working in passive mode the sonar complex. Underwater robots in several directions will emit signals. Their reflections are robots and a submarine will be able to know the location of enemy submarines.

Vasily Sychev