The cause of the murder an employee of Regardie colleagues in Chechnya

Senior Lieutenant of Regardie killed his colleagues in the Chechen village of Shelkovskaya after learned that he was going to dismiss from military service. On Tuesday, October 23, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The newspaper’s sources indicate that on Monday, a senior Lieutenant, a native of Dagestan, who served in the detachment of the 46th order of Zhukov separate brigade of operative purpose, decided to find out the relationship with the officer who filed the motion on his dismissal from service for violations.

Before that, the Lieutenant drank, took from the Armory the submachine gun and went to their abuser.

He was held off by the platoon commander who tried to stop him but was killed. Then, the native of Dagestan, was shot three ordinary soldiers who came running at the sound of gunfire. The shooting occurred in the arrangement of parts, there has been a group of special forces Regardie, seeing which, the murderer tried to escape but was shot.

The military investigation Department of the TFR opened a criminal case into the incident. In part directed by the special Commission of the Central apparatus of Regardie, which should also establish the causes of the incident.

Background: a Soldier of Regardie killed four colleagues in Chechnya