The officer noted the dismissal of the execution

The officer noted the dismissal of the execution Mass murder in Regardie made a drunken Lieutenant. Kommersant became known the first details of the incident that occurred today in one of the units of Resguardo, located in the Chechen village of Shelkovskaya. Lieutenant, unhappy that he decided to dismiss from military service, opened fire on national guardsmen. In the shootout killed five people, including its originator. The incident occurred in one of the units 46 of the order of Zhukov separate brigade of operative purpose of Regardie is the largest unit of national guardsmen in the North Caucasus, formed in February 2000 to maintain the constitutional order in the Chechen Republic and the fight against illegal armed groups. According to sources, “b”, the senior Lieutenant, a native of Dagestan, having learned that according to the decision of his command for various violations will soon be dismissed from the service, decided

The media learned about the entry of ex-top Manager of the “First channel” in the headquarters Sobchak

The media learned about the entry of ex-top Manager of the “First channel” in the headquarters Sobchak At the headquarters of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who declared their intention to become a candidate, will operate the former top Manager of the “First channel” Sergey Kalvarsky. This was told by two friends Sobchak, reports “Rain”. According to them, Kalwarski will focus on creating videos for the election campaign of the presenter. Himself a former producer, declined to comment. Kalvarsky the Director of such television programs as “50×50”, “ten”, “song of the year”, “Morning mail”, “Sound track”. In addition, he directed more than 150 music videos and many commercials. Kalwarski was the Director and the author of the program “Sati”, which was shown on “the First channel”. He has also produced programs Love story” and “Beyond the law” for the TV channel TVs. From 2003 to 2007 he held the position of

“Helicopters of Russia” till the end of the year will sign the first export contract for the supply of Mi-171A2

© Ladislav Karpov/TASS MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. Holding “Helicopters of Russia” (included in GC rostec) to the end of the year will sign the first export contract for the supply of the latest multi-purpose helicopter Mi-171A2, and plans to certify the easy helicopter “Ansat” in Brazil. About it on Monday have informed in a press-service of the holding. They said that this statement was made General Director of holding Andrey Boginsky in the forum “Trade and industrial dialogue: Russia – Mexico”.

Russian foreign Ministry: statements of the President of Afghanistan on Russia’s support of the Taliban is unacceptable

The building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation © Roman Canasuc/TASS MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. Moscow considers unacceptable the statements of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani that Russia allegedly supports the Taliban. This was stated on Monday at the foreign Ministry. “Drew attention to reports in the Afghan media about the statements of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ghani during his recent trip to Paktia province on the “support” Russia’s Taliban movement – said in Russian depodesta. – Consider unacceptable such statements of the head of a friendly Afghanistan.” “We remind you that the Afghan officials have repeatedly at different levels confirmed the groundlessness of such accusations of Moscow”, – added the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of foreign Affairs pointed out that Moscow has consistently Kabul multidimensional assistance, “including in strengthening the combat capability of national security forces, actively facilitating an intra-Afghan

The widow of the deceased in Syria major has accused the Ministry of defence in niggling

The widow of the deceased in Syria, major Sergei Burgundy said that she since her husband’s death in April of this year unsuccessfully trying to obtain from the Ministry the full amount of compensation. About it reports Reuters. In an interview with the Agency Vitalina Burgundy told that the war office had paid her one million roubles — the fifth part of the compensation received by the child Claret from his first marriage and his mother. According to the woman, working as a military psychologist, she receives monthly 8,6 thousand rubles. Ministry of defense, as explained by Burgundy, argues his position by the fact that the widow in the apartment of her first husband and officially can not be considered a lonely person in need of assistance to improve housing conditions and pension as the widow of the participant of military operations. However, with the former husband she does not

In Leipzig neo-Nazi was declared wanted for spitting in Holocaust survivors

Police in Leipzig are looking for a young man who insulted 84-year-old resident of the city, survivors of the Holocaust. It is reported by Bild. As writes the edition, 12 Oct Rolf Isakson was interviewed in front of the memorial of the Leipzig synagogue. During the conversation, he was approached by two men, one of whom spat in the direction Isakson and shouted at him a curse, and raised his hand in a Nazi salute. The Daily Mail reports that he was shaved. The newspaper calls the young man a Nazi. He faces up to six months in jail, adds the tabloid. Friend of alleged neo-Nazi “was performed by a gesture simulating Masturbation”, clarifies the issue. In August 2017 in Berlin, police arrested two Chinese tourists, who portrayed the Nazi salute in front of the Reichstag building and taking pictures of each other on mobile phones.

Argentinian in Spain faked his own kidnapping and demanded ransom from relatives

Spanish police arrested 48-year-old Argentine, who faked his own kidnapping to get the money from his family. About it reports The Local. The man pointed to the relatives of the message, in which he wrote that captured the unknown, demanding a ransom. Convincing the scammer has provided the message of fake photos, which he was pictured allegedly with bruises on her face. Family abductions made several translations for his “liberation”, and at the same time sent a statement to the police. Guards established that the recipient of the money and the alleged victim is one and the same person. It became clear after the Argentinian came to the Bank to get another money order. When the suspect continued to write family messages. in which he said that “experiencing so much suffering.” The police arrested the blackmailer. When it was discovered 1285 euros in cash and several receipts for cash transfers

What experience is needed for pensions in different countries

What experience is needed for pensions in different countries October 23, the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to sources informed about the plans of the Russian government to raise the minimum seniority that gives the right to receive old-age pension. Later, the Ministry denied the information, stating that “no changes in the pension system is currently not up for discussion”. What is the seniority for a pension is necessary for the people of different countries — in reference “b”. The minimum required period of participation in the pension insurance system in Germany is five years. In the case of the payment of contributions during this period, the Germans have the right to receive the minimum old-age pension (€364 for married couples, €404 for single pensioners). Age of retirement is 65-67 years, depending on the year of birth. The amount of the pension of the Germans depends on the time during which they

“Alien cockroach in leather Lady Gaga”: in Peru has set a terrible wax figure of the singer

“Alien cockroach in leather Lady Gaga”: in Peru has set a terrible wax figure of the singer In October in Lima (Peru) opened an exhibition of wax figures. And it showed a very strange sculpture of Lady Gaga. The figure does not look like a singer, and some liken it to the alien who is disguised as Gaga. Gaga’s new wax figure…. ? — Joanne World Tour (@ladygaga_JWT) 19 Oct 2017 During the download an error has occurred. It’s a Wax sculpture of an alien cockroach that murdered Lady Gaga and is wearing her skin. — Natalie Grace Alford (@NatalieGABand) 20 Oct 2017. During the download an error has occurred.”This is a wax figure of the alien cockroach who killed Lady Gaga and wear her skin” Fans of the singer remembered the other wax sculptures of Gaga (also not very good). Even among them there is a figure,