Iraqi forces took control of Kirkuk

Iraqi forces took control of Kirkuk

Units of the Iraqi army took control of the city of Kirkuk. About it reports Reuters.

Special forces soldiers, accompanied by armored columns entered the city center in the afternoon, October 16. Encountering no resistance, the soldiers occupied the administration building and raised over it the flag of Iraq. Happy welcomed by local residents, hostile to the control of Kirkuk to the Kurds.

Previously, on 16 October it was reported that the Iraqi military seized the airport, a military airfield and a few oil fields around the city.

September 25, Iraqi Kurds voted in the referendum for an independent state. The holding of this plebiscite has caused negative reaction in Baghdad. On 27 September, the Iraqi Parliament appealed to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a request to send army units in Kurdish-controlled province.

Kirkuk is a disputed territory. The authorities of the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan in fact, her control and considered Kurdish land, while a Baghdad official says that the city never was part of Kurdistan.