Imprisoned for “drug” dust donuts from the American received the payment

American Daniel Rushing in prison due to the fact that the police took sugar in his car for methamphetamine, received from the authorities of Orlando compensation in the amount of 37.5 thousand dollars. Reported by the New York Post.

In December 2015, he was stopped by traffic police. Seeing the car of 64-year-old man traces of a substance similar to a drug, he was sent to a day in jail.

The American claimed it was powdered sugar from the donuts, however, the guards did not believe him at first, assuming it’s cocaine, and then came to the conclusion that we are talking about meth.

Later it turned out that the Rushing is not cheating and it’s really powdered sugar.

According to the suspect, after his arrest, he was not able to find a job, so I decided to hire a lawyer and go to court for compensation for moral damage.