In the Krasnoyarsk territory stolen bridge

Unknown stole a concrete slab from the bridge, through which vacationers get to their sites in the Krasnoyarsk region. From construction there were only the framework, informs television channel “Vesti-Novosibirsk”.

Police speculated that the plates could be stolen for resale for each of them can receive two thousand rubles.

The channel notes that the police have to figure out who the owner of the bridge to the municipality it belongs, and without an owner it is impossible to bring a case.

“If Robin hood who at his own expense built a ferry to the cottages, will find, and thieves can evade prosecution,” conclude the authors of the plot.

In may it was reported that in the Kemerovo region of 18-year-old boy stole the sign dimensions height from which wanted to make a shovel, and train gates — he was going to use for the construction of the aqueduct.

Before that, in September 2016, another inhabitant of Kuzbas has damaged two kilometers of the train tracks and stole 300 railway protivoogogove that prevents the shift rail. Them he planned to hand over on scrap metal.