The Novgorod Governor has criticized officials for replies

Andrey Nikitin

The Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin said that he intends to teach regional officials to communicate with the public, as at the moment they are engaged in formal replies. His words leads RIA Novosti on Tuesday, October 17.

“I read what we answer, and half did not understand myself. Secondly, I do understand that if I this letter came, I wouldn’t like it, I would say: guys, you do not work, — said Nikitin. — We explain complex human language, why it is better for us not to write, not to call and not to go.”

The head of the region stressed that officials should be able to normally explain to people ways of solving a particular problem. He also added that he personally reads and signs the answers to citizens ‘ appeals.

In mid-June, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said about refusing to help the citizens of the stale officials. According to him, many complaints to direct line with Vladimir Putin, concern the so-called formal replies.

Nikitin was appointed acting head of the region in February this year, and in September won the gubernatorial elections with the big separation from competitors.

After his appointment to the region Nikitin left the position of head of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI), which was held since the organization’s creation in 2011.