Kadyrov stood up for Poklonsky

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, expressed support for the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel. Kadyrov believes that Polonskaya “poison for the indomitable will, strength of spirit and a clear position those who do not have any relation to the Fatherland or to the people”. >> Taylor tied the tragedy in Vegas with “Matilda” Kadyrov said that he welcomed the position of the Deputy against the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, because “fragile girl protects the interests of those who care for the history of his country”. According to the politician, Russia is guided in its struggle only love for the Motherland. “The king and his family were shot, then canonized, however, first abroad and then in Russia. Criminal to betray their country in the name of someone’s views,” — said Kadyrov. >> Set the bound crisis “VIM-Avia” with “Matilda”

Mamma dog. As Shiba inu has become a favorite breed of Internet

Mamma dog. As Shiba inu has become a favorite breed of Internet Shiba inu — known breed of dog, but I love her especially: dogs become a meme, successful bloggers and regularly make the news. In late September, a Shiba inu named Steve became a meme and ended up in the Creek under the exclamation of the owner: “This fiasco, bro!” “Medusa” tells how Shiba inu are the most popular dogs and they are fun really. Traditionally, Shiba inu Japanese lived in villages and helped the hunters. Despite the fact that they recognized Japanese heritage back in 1936, universal Pets they got closer to 2010. It was at this time appeared the famous meme with a Shiba inu Doge. The hostess dog named Kabosu posted a series of photos in a personal blog. On one of the images Kabosu was sitting with a very surprised face — this photo became

Killed 59 people, Nevadas last year bought 33 of shotguns and rifles

Killed 59 people, Nevadas last year bought 33 of shotguns and rifles Authorities were not aware of such a large-scale purchase of Paddock, as gun shops are not required to report on their customers. 15фотографий15фотографий15фотографий Over the past year from October 2016 to September 2017 — Steven Paddock, which opened on 1 October fire at the hotel taking place in Las Vegas music festival and killed 59 people, acquired a 33 firearms, mostly rifles, said in an interview with CBS special agent of the Bureau for control over turnover of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (ATF) Jill Snyder. According to her, the authorities knew nothing about the Arsenal Paddock, as the law requires gun dealers to report to law enforcement agencies only on occasions when a person buys multiple handguns. “There is no Federal law that would require,” Snyder responded to the question about why the sellers of weapons is

Everything you need to know about “blade Runner 2049”

Everything you need to know about “blade Runner 2049” “Blade runner” is known not only for its neo-Noir cyberpunk style, setting the tone for the many films about the future, but the scandalous history — for example, the film has several official versions. List all the things you need to know about the original picture Riddle Scott, whose shot Denis Villeneuve. The plot of the original “blade Runner” News“blade Runner 2049”: the fiction and reality of future technologies The action takes place in a dystopian future where the collapse of the cities of the earth combined with the delights of high technology, space colonization and the presence of Replicants — androids laborers, superior to man in power and intelligence. Over time, in spite of the implemented algorithms, androids raise a bloody rebellion, which, however, brutally suppressed the people. In order not to repeat the mistakes of the people lay in

Broken roads Perm forced the skiers to train on cemetery and crematorium

Due to the lack in Perm roller ski tracks local young skiers and biathletes training on the roads of city cemeteries, highways and the unfinished site of the crematorium. On this portal, “59.ru” has informed parents of students. The publication notes that in the Soviet period in Perm was three training tracks, but now they are not suitable for training athletes in the summer. Roads with smooth asphalt required for roller-skiing, as well as different slopes and lifts in the city is almost gone. The father of one of the students in the ski section said “59.ru” that some families move to other cities, so that the child could train properly. “People drop everything, invest in your child all forces”, — he added. In the regional Ministry of sport, the newspaper reported that the construction and reconstruction of Perm roller ski tracks in the budget there is no money. Therefore,

Two-year-old owes Perm Fund the overhaul of 10 thousand rubles

In Prikamye on the name of the two girls throughout the year came the receipt for the overhaul. The total amount of her debt to the regional Fund of major repairs has exceeded 10 thousand rubles. On this portal, “59.ru” said the mother of the child. “My daughter has not yet started even in kindergarten and already has a debt of this size. Beginning with the first ticket to the last, were all in the name of year-old child”, — said a resident of the Chusovskoy district Svetlana. According to her, bills come in her name, but the name in the payment document is invalid. In the regional Fund overhaul of the publication admitted that such incidents as they occur, and minors are sometimes billed for repairs. In a press-service of the Ministry reported that the child’s mother must apply to the Fund for the renewal of the account.

The organizers WFMS 2017 has revealed the details and secrets of the program of the festival

Some of the details and secrets of the world festival of youth and students (WFMS) 2017 was disclosed to journalists on Wednesday, 4 Oct. This is stated in received by the editors”.ru” the press release from the organizers WFMS. The event, according to the head of the Directorate for preparation and holding of the festival Ksenia Razuvaeva will be a record number of national delegations. There will be over 180. Performance at the opening ceremony will be dedicated to stories of real people who changed the world for the better. Among these, the Russian novel is Huck, who had built two years school in Nepal. Among speakers at scientific, educational and discussion programs VFMS world — famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, CEO of the world wide Fund for wildlife (WWF) Marco Lambertini, Director of foreign policy Google Avni, Doron, writer Frederick Begbeder and the Secretary General of FIFA Samur Fatma.

The defense Ministry will impose a ban on photos on the Internet for example FSB

The defense Ministry will impose a ban on photos on the Internet for example FSB The defense Ministry banned military personnel to upload photos, videos, and geotags, which could solve them. Using these data, the terrorists and extremists destabilisateur the situation in different regions of the world, according to the Department. For example FSB Contract soldiers, including foreigners, should not post any information about yourself and other military, which indicate their departmental affiliation, reveals the official work and the place of their dislocation. The exception may be cases, under Russian law, the developers do not elaborate on what the regulations are talking about. The project was developed by the Ministry of defence document a proposal to amend the law “On status of servicemen” published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts. Rather, the “exceptions” refers to the background information on senior officials, published on the website of

The defense Ministry called the main obstacle to the final defeat of ISIS

According to the Russian Ministry of defence, support of terrorists “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) from the US interferes with their final defeat. This was stated by the representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, his words RIA Novosti reported. “The main obstacle to complete the defeat of ISIS in Syria is not a combat capability of terrorists, and the support and flirting with them American colleagues,” he said. Konashenkov noted that on September 28 around 300 jihadists on the way to the city of al-Qaryatayn traveled all the hidden posts of the Syrian army, and this is possible only if there is processed data of aerial reconnaissance. In addition, he said: over the past few days, militants have carried out several operations in the 50-kilometer zone around the village of al-TANF on the Syrian-Jordanian border. “Same, where the “military mission”, which literally even a cannon shot, the Americans

Putin is a supporter of the resuscitation of relations between Russia and the United States, said Sands

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin is a supporter of the resuscitation of relations with Russia and the US and believes that it is in the interests of the two peoples and the world at large, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Peskov said that US Ambassador Jon huntsman on Tuesday will be among the other newly arrived ambassadors to present credentials to Putin in the Grand Kremlin Palace. “You know what President Putin has been a consistent advocate of intensive care unit of our bilateral relations, networking and development of bilateral cooperation. He believes that it is in the interests not only of our two countries, but also around the world. Moreover, President Putin is, indeed, consistent in his ideals,” said Sands, answering the question of whether Putin shares the view that the arrival of Hunstman, which, according to journalists, allegedly “made a special effort”