The rules of life

The rules of life

“I guess I will go down in history as the tarnished Warhol that drives me to despair”.

Beauty creates a hierarchythat is clear to everyone.

Men and women with special DNA have the ability to occupy a special position in society.

I decided to become an artist in 26 years. I was going to be a cartoonist, and filmed the animation on eight millimeter film, but after 4 years and have not been successful.

When I realized that I do not possess the necessary talent, I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of Japanese artist, Shinro Otake. He created such paintings that I was convinced it was mine.

With Warhol, we have too different backgrounds. Say that we had one thing in common: we both came from generation consumption. But I, unlike Warhol, did not aid in the form of a dynamically developing society, which is probably why I will remain in history as a faded Warhol that drives me into depression.

I was born and raised in Japan, losers in the Second world war. I experienced the rise and collapse of the economy and debuted as an artist in the midst of economic stagnation.

In Moscow for is not the usual Asian style of advertising signs. The Japanese look at them and do not understand. Each individual plot can be dismantled, only making friends with the locals. This creates a sense of mystery.

My parents were poor, but they always found money to buy me a new school bag.