A woman in the Congo has sentenced to rape his own stepson over a fish

Improvised Congolese militia court sentenced the woman to a public rape and death because enjoyed her meals. It is reported by France24, citing an eight-minute video.

The incident occurred in the town of Luebo (Kasai province) on 8 April. By this time there ruled the militants of the little-known groups declared loyalty of tribal insurgency “Kamuina NSPU”.

The footage shows how in the Central square of the town pushed a naked woman. The leader of the militants grabs her head and says that she is sentenced to death for treason. After that, her publicly raped by a stepson, the son of the husband from first marriage, and then both killed. According to eyewitnesses, some murderers drank the blood of their victims.

How did you learn France24, the reason for the discontent of the terrorists was the food. In the dish that the restaurant’s owner decided to feed uninvited guests, there were pieces of fish. And fighters during the wars do not eat meat and fish, not to clean and not having sex.

The attackers are not punished: the army of the Democratic Republic of the Congo liberated the city on April 19.