Malaysian bakery became famous because of spotty cakes

Malaysian bakery became famous because of spotty cakes

Bakery from Kuala Lumpur, The Cakescape established trade cakes in the shape of female faces covered with “inflamed” acne cream with purulent abscesses.

In facebook bakery posted a photo realistic looking sweets, covered with sores, that you can squeeze and push back in several times without losing the shock effect.

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The owners of the bakery told reporters Mashable that the sale of spotty cakes increased significantly compared to last year, when it was ordered a total of 20 items.

According to employees of the institution, such cakes are bought mainly for the celebration of marriages.

Last year unusual confections handmade has brought fame to the student of Harvard Zauzmer Emily (Emily Zauzmer). In his Instagram account a sweet girl laid out copies of famous paintings such as “Starry night” by van Gogh or the Scream by Edvard Munch.

On each canvas she spent from 12 hours to four days. Cakes-pictures blogers were not intended for sale.