Presenter of the First channel spoke about sexual harassment Weinstein

Presenter of the First channel spoke about sexual harassment Weinstein

Russian TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze stated that they had been sexually harassed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. On Thursday, October 19, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

According to her, Weinstein for over 10 years trying to persuade her to a private meeting. During the Venice film festival he met her in his hotel room in a robe and asked to massage him. As explained by the presenter, she was invited to discuss business issues and was convinced that the meeting will take part the assistant producer who at some point disappeared.

Mtsitouridze said that the producer told her that she didn’t even think to tell anyone about the incidents.

The first meeting TV presenter and Weinstein occurred in 2003 at the Berlin film festival. Mtsituridze interviewed actor and Director George Clooney; producer of his film were made by Weinstein.

“After the interview he came up to me and said he liked my questions and he wants to have lunch with me in my room,” said mtsitouridze.

The presenter added, replied in an ironic manner. “I said it, of course, a great honor for me, but I’m afraid that my boyfriend will not approve of our conversation tete-a-tete,” said the woman. It also invited Weinstein to have dinner with her young man.

Catherine mtsitouridze is the author of the section “the movie” in the morning program of the First channel. She also leads the structure of Roskino.

Among Actresses, alleging harassment Weinstein — Cara Delevingne, Lena heady, Lea seydoux and Angelina Jolie. Amid the scandal, the producer has been fired as co-Chairman of the Weinstein Company, which he founded in 2005.