Company in Komi will be fined for a bribe to an official robe and a skullcap

Gave Uzbek robe and a skullcap to the head of Department of Rostekhnadzor of the city of Ukhta in the Komi Republic, the company will pay a million rubles administrative fine. This is stated on the website of the Republican Prosecutor’s office on Thursday, October 19.

The court declared the company “ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVIS” guilty of illegal compensation of the official (article 19.28 of the administrative code), signed her in April 2016 without proper verification acceptance of a new drilling rig in Sosnogorsk district.

The value of the gift of things is estimated at 13 thousand rubles.

The official, as noted in the Supervisory Agency, was prosecuted for “bribery and committing other corruption-related crimes”.

For a bribe to the same head of Department in January for a million rubles fined the company “Gazenergoservis-Ukhta”.

On 27 September it was reported about the detention of 61-year-old resident of Great Novgorod, who tried to pay a bribe in the amount of 455 thousand rubles for the termination of criminal case about bribe his friends.