Trump was suspected in the substitution of wife double

Trump was suspected in the substitution of wife double

The network has paid attention to the plot of the TV channel CNN devoted to the communication of the President of the United States Donald trump and his wife Melania with the press about the White house. Twitter suggested that for some unknown reason, the American leader has replaced the spouse to double.

The suspicion of the audience was caused by hiding the face sunglasses first lady, oddly shaped nose and the phrase of trump, who said that with him right beside it is the Melania. “My wife, Melania, who just got here, too, considers that this issue [of Iran and financial transactions] is very important,” he told reporters, putting a hand to his wife.

Users of the social network began to actively discuss the theory of the substitution of the first lady and to publish a funny message and theme picture. “My wife Melania, who “happened” to be right here,” he mocked trump is one of them.

During the download an error has occurred.

“It’s not Melania. The fact that they can go so far as to make us believe that she blows my brain and makes you wonder what else is false,” said another.

Earlier in October, the behavior Melania also opened the imagination of users on the network. They became suspicious that the first lady is constantly appearing in public in dark sunglasses. On Twitter drew attention to the fact that she does it even at night.