Krasnodar scientist hid from collectors from Islamic state terrorists

Candidate of technical Sciences Krasnodar Denis Khisamov joined the militants in Syria because of pressure from collectors. On Tuesday, October 24, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

As it became known publication, the scientist was unable to pay for the borrowed BMW X5. Used SUV cost 1.3 million rubles, but Khisamov has not paid even a cent for the first month. The Bank has attracted collectors, who began to chase the man. At the end of 2014, he sold the car through an advertising site, and with the money bought a fake
Tajik passport and a ticket to Istanbul.

“Dennis, despite all his achievements in the scientific world and a successful career, still quite a young man. I think his psyche just couldn’t handle the pressure from creditors”, — told the newspaper his father Firangiz Khisamov.

According to the Ministry of the interior, 34-the summer native of Krasnodar Denis Khisamov in may 2015, flew to Turkey on a fake passport. Having joined the banned in Russia “Islamic state” (IG), “took an active part in the fighting in Iraq and Syria.” In the spring of 2017 Khisamov decided to return to Russia for “continuing terrorist activity”, but was detained by Turkish border guards, who sent him to Tajikistan.

As it turned edition, Khisamova has been a successful scientific career. He headed the service of the protection of state secrets of the Center for military technical problems of biological protection research Institute of Microbiology of the Ministry of defense in Moscow. Then went in the eighth Directorate of the General staff. Retired from the army in 2009, Khisamov has held the position of associate Professor of comprehensive information protection Kuban Institute InfoSec which was founded by his father, a military scientist Firangiz Khisamov. Three years later he moved to Moscow to prepare for the doctoral dissertation. Departure Khisamova in Syria has shocked all those around him.

The Tajik authorities intend to extradite Khisamova Russia.

Background: PhD from Krasnodar forged passport for entry.