“An attempt to raise the populace against the government”. What the newspaper wrote in October 1917

“An attempt to raise the populace against the government”. What the newspaper wrote in October 1917

How the press described the events of that difficult time.


“Russian Gazette”
(Moscow), October 20 (November 2), 1917:

“During the day, the Minister-President of the A. F. Kerensky drove many of the members of the Provisional government to inquire about the situation in Petrograd in connection with the expected performance of the Bolsheviks.

A. F. Kerensky on the basis of the available data indicated that, apparently, the demonstration of the Bolsheviks will not take place. Campaign being waged in favor of speech, does not have much success neither in the army nor among the majority of workers. The individual attempts to violate the order and peace of the capital will not be allowed by the government.”

And in Smolny at a meeting of representatives of the regimental and company committees and a speech by Trotsky. He pointed out that even in socialist Newspapers ask, on what day and when the Bolsheviks are preparing an armed uprising. “We, the Bolsheviks, Trotsky said, — there is no such solution, which would not be reported in our publication. I can swidetelstwo that the Petrograd garrison would oppose the withdrawal of troops”.

“The Bolsheviks, writes the paper, — at the last minute refused to speak, which they prepared at 20, 22 Oct. Now they claim that this statement is a myth, a fiction of the bourgeois press. They do not deny that preparing to speak, but declare that date was appointed”.

“Izvestia of the Central Executive Committee of Soviets of workers ‘and soldiers ‘deputies”
(Petrograd), Saturday, October 20 (November 2), 1917:

“The General meeting of the garage and the workshops of the 1st reserve car companies adopted the following resolution: “In the present difficult time, when the ranks of the revolutionary democracy, riven by internal strife, more and more thinning, when the revolutionary democracy, freed from Imperial custody (so is the king watched over her? — A. F.), itself responsible for the welfare of the people… — at this time not allowed any separate performances, but because of the Petrograd garrison and proletariat are required each step to align with the desires of the entire Russian army and the Russian proletariat…”.

Garage and workshop 1st car companies, considering their expected performance in a timely manner, decided not to take any part.

The newspaper also reported that “the arrival of grain cargoes in the capital every day is reduced, as a consequence, the presence of a special food is forced from 21 October to temporarily reduce rations of bread and give half a pound instead of three quarters on main, half a pound instead of three-quarters of a pound of bread on the additional cards. Due to a sharp reduction of supply of eggs within the 4th week of October will be issued on 1 egg for weekly coupon”.

(Petrograd), October 20 (November 2), 1917:

“Practice on the days tolls soldiers in the tram showed that the vast majority of the soldiers took this innovation and meekly pay the coin, not arguing. But there is, of course, a certain percentage refuse to pay… That is totally unexpected, in many cases, the motivation of refusals.

In the aisle of the car is a soldier and is reading a newspaper. Choice, and asked the conductor:

— Your ticket?

— No ticket, sharply looking up from the newspaper, angrily replied the soldier, — I will not take it, I refuse to obey the Bolsheviks…

— What’s the Bolsheviks, surprised and confused says the conductor, is the decision of the city Council, all soldiers are now paid!

— And I’m not paying! The Bolsheviks agreed!..

The conductor, waving his hands, passes on“.

Another appeal of print “news”
Tuesday, October 24 (November 6), 1917:

“In the hour of the Russian revolution, when the enemy is at the gates of Petrograd, when the wave of pogroms captures all Russia when the counter-revolution mobilized all the forces of the Bolshevik party wishes to call you on the street to overthrow the Provisional government and seize power.

Comrades workers and soldiers, your performance will be a triumph of counter-revolution!

Zorganizowana dark elements, led by an experienced hand, waiting for your speech to turn it into mayhem and disrupt the Constituent Assembly… Your statement will give rise to internecine war in the ranks of democracy and nothing but harm to the cause of revolution and socialism, will not do.