The Chechen spoke about the payment of increased grants for attending matches, “Akhmad”

Students of educational institutions of Chechnya have to visit the game of football club “Ahmad” to get increased scholarships. The radio station “Moscow speaking” on condition of anonymity, said the graduate of one of the Chechen institutions of higher education.

According to him, the Republic has a academic scholarship in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles and increased by about 10 thousand. The last pay including personal achievements in sports and attending sporting events. “Achievement is not necessary if you have a normal relationship with the Department. But, if you’ll teach say for example, “dear johnny did not attend the event, let them run”, then the teacher will complicate the life of a student,” explained the source station.

He noted that those who do not go to matches, during the session, difficulties arise. Therefore, students prefer not to miss such events. “I don’t know a single person who in the last 5-8 years have voluntarily expressed a desire and went to the match. No,” said the young man, adding that the stadium not letting anyone leave until the end of the game, and the entire area of overlap.

On October 23 the “Caucasian knot” reported that due to a succession of losses “Ahmad” in the regional government has ordered the educational institutions to provide one hundred percent turnout in the upcoming games of the football club. Otherwise, the rectors threatened with dismissal and student expulsion.

Earlier the edition wrote about forcing students to go to football. According to the “Caucasian knot”, the young people were forced to attend all home games of “Ahmad”. The Chechen authorities did not confirm this information.