Responding to the journalist “because” the Governor presented her with flowers and wine

Anton Alikhanov

The Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov said through his assistant a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine journalist, which one of her questions at the briefing said “in the head”. This was written by the reporter itself on the page in Facebook.

“Came the assistant to the Governor Dennis Kalinowski. Brought flowers and Brut. Said Governor, and Anton A. apologizes. After Dennis had gone, the girls in the editorial said that the bouquet was very beautiful. And that it motivates them to go to the briefings and to ask the Governor of awkward questions (well, then this bouquet had been given),” wrote Oksana Mitkova.

Earlier, on 20 October Anton Alikhanov explained the lack of compensation for kindergarten to low-income families with children “a head” and asked not to return to this issue. Audio recording of the interview was published on the website of the “New Kaliningrad”. On Tuesday 24 October, it was attended by more than 11 thousand times.

Later, the head of the Ministry of social policy Angelica Meister explained that when the order of calculation of social payments for child birth and compensation for kindergarten was used the criterion of need.