Disclosed is the unexpected danger of thinness

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts found that women, who in adolescence or in middle age were underweight, higher risk of early menopause. The authors, who published in the journal Human Reproduction. Briefly about the scientific work is told on the website EurekAlert!.

The researchers analyzed 78 759 women aged 25-42 years in 1989 and 2011 participated in a long-term study, the Nurses’ Health Study II. Consideration was given to such factors as body mass index (BMI), showing the extent of the ratio of the mass of the person and his growth, the distribution of fat on body weight changes with age and time of menopause.

By the end of the long-term observations at 2804 women’s menopause came early. Experts found that excessive lean (BMI less than 19) the risk of early onset of menstruation end grew on average by 30 percent.

Menopause usually occurs from age 45 to 55 years, however, in some cases it occurs early in 40-45 years. While menstrual periods stop and the woman can no longer become pregnant.