No hands: the delivery of food in the mouth through the air

No hands: the delivery of food in the mouth through the air Scientists from the University of Sussex (UK) has developed a prototype of an acoustic levitator for air transport food and beverages. As you know, sound is an acoustic wave which travels in space. Towards each other emitters create a standing wave — is based on this acoustic levitation. If the object placed in standing wave, will be less than the length of the acoustic wave more than twice, it will crash in one of these areas. Acoustic levitatory themselves are not new, but now British came up with their unusual use. Scientists developed a prototype of an acoustic levitator called TastyFloats provides contactless transport of food and beverages. It can carry small drops of liquid and pieces of food, including several different products. It is expected that the device will move the food directly into the mouth of

Media: in the state of new York has prepared the world’s longest California roll

Media: in the state of new York has prepared the world’s longest California roll The length of the meals amounted to about 153 meters. WASHINGTON, October 12. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. American students from the state University of new York in the city of Purchase on Wednesday set a new world record, having prepared the Japanese California roll rainbow colors with a length of 504 feet (about 153 meters). This was reported by the newspaper USA Today. According to her, in preparing this popular Japanese treats was attended by 300 students and volunteers who gathered on the main lawn near the building of the institution. In order to set a new record, it took approximately 500 portions of rice treated with vinegar, 800 sheets nori (edible red algae, often used in the preparation of Japanese dishes), avocado 125 and 500 pounds (about 226 kg) of fish paste. The process was

The road-show of the Moscow region launched in France

The delegation of the Moscow region will present investment potential of the region to representatives of foreign business circles at the road show, which kicked off in the French city of Lyon Thursday, October 12. About it “” have told in the Moscow government. Experts talk to interested entrepreneurs about the business opportunities in the Moscow region. In particular, the presentation of the infrastructure and the implementation of investment projects is the Minister of investment and innovation region Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman Anton Loginov, acting General Director of JSC “Corporation of development of Moscow region” Kirill Bychkov. During the conference, scheduled performances on the theme of political and economic relations between the two countries. Among the speakers — the General Director of the Franco-Russian chamber of Commerce and industry Pavel shinsky, the Deputy Director of the research center Observa at CCI France Russie Igor Delanoe. In addition, the French will

Robbers in Moscow threw a stolen van with candy bars

Novopodmoskovnyj a lane In the North of Moscow unknown people on the car provoked the accident and took, at gunpoint, the van with a hundred computers-monoblocks, and after 10 minutes threw it and your car on the roadway. On Thursday, October 12, reported TASS the press service of the MIA. “The property is not stolen” — noted in police. A criminal case of robbery (article 162 of the criminal code). The attack occurred near the house №8 in the 2nd Angel alley. Criminals moved on Dodge Chrysler. This captured vehicle was discovered on the street Zoi and Aleksandra Kosmodem’yanskikh. In September 2016, five men in masks entered the building of the International centre for scientific and technical information (ICSTI) through the window, bound with duct tape the guards, broke into the safes and drawers and fled, without taking anything from there.

The bailiffs received a letter from a deceased 16 years ago Petersburger

Bailiffs Primorsky district of St. Petersburg received a letter from the deceased debtor, in respect of which in March opened the enforcement proceedings. The author of the letter was lawyer Alexander Tsvetkov, representing the interests of the heirs of the deceased businessman Mark Yakovlev, who died in 2001 at the age of 31 years. The deceased has been contacted with the help of a psychic, he said “the”. “Literally I give her (the soul) words: “you Go with your resolution (the connection is dropped). There is let your judgment, your government and your government, which you all contain. I, thank God, here to feed you, and to suffer should not. But you all we’re looking forward to””, the letter reads. From the lawyer added: “Maybe harsh, but what can you do with a dead man.” As explained by Flowers, is a letter he wrote after desperate to defend the

Trump has signed a decree, which Obamacare collapses

Trump has signed a decree, which Obamacare collapses WASHINGTON, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. The US President Donald trump on Thursday signed the Executive decree for the reform of health care, which begins the process of ending the program of reforms of Barack Obama, known as Obamacare. “This decree defines the first steps in providing millions of Americans the burden of Obamacare,” said trump, speaking in Washington. He noted that the new measures “will not cost almost anything to the US government, but will allow people to save millions of dollars.” Trump’s speech broadcast by CNN. Trump, in particular, has promised that American insurance companies will be able to provide customers with short term insurance. The reform of Obamacare, Americans were obliged under threat of penalty to buy health insurance and increased taxes on health care, and in exchange has offered subsidies and increased assistance to the poor.

North Korea acknowledged the Russian Crimea

North Korea acknowledged the Russian Crimea North Korea declared Crimea a Russian region. On Thursday, October 12, reports the Russian Embassy in the DPRK in Facebook. “The Republic respects the results held in the Crimea referendum on joining the Peninsula to the Russian Federation, considers the results legitimate and in full conformity with international legal standards,” reads the post. During the download an error has occurred. The Embassy added that Pyongyang officially stated its position on this issue when voting in the UN. A North Korean publishing house “Science encyclopedia” has released a new political Atlas of the world in which Crimea painted in the Russian colors.

Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine sent under house arrest on charges of major embezzlement

Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine sent under house arrest on charges of major embezzlement Moscow. 12 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Solomensky district court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint to the Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest. As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, such decision was sounded by the judge Vladlen Lazarenko at the meeting on Thursday evening. The court also ordered the Deputy Minister to communicate with other defendants to wear an electronic bracelet. While Lazarenko said that the house arrest Pawlowski should depart at the place of registration in Zhitomir. In comments to journalists after the meeting the Prosecutor in the case, Maxim Grischuk said that the decision on the appeal against the verdict will be made after receipt of the full judgment. In turn, one of four lawyers Pavlovsky Rostislav Kravets noted that partially satisfied the

The Duma Council has postponed the visit of the delegation in the United States because of the removal of the flags

Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco © REUTERS/Stephen Lam MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. The Duma Council on Thursday decided to postpone the visit of the delegation of deputies to the USA due to the fact that the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in San Francisco and Washington, removed the Russian flag. This was announced in the state Duma.

What was interesting about Andrei Turchak, as Governor of the Pskov region

Andrey Turchak © Sergey Fadeichev/TASS As head of the Pskov region in February 2009, 33-summer Andrey Turchak (born 20 December 1975) was the youngest at that time Governor in the country. At the head of the region, he was replaced by Mikhail Kuznetsov, who left the position prematurely at his own request after four years of work. Until 2007 Turchak has held senior positions in the military-industrial holding company “Leninets” and at the same time built a rapid political career. In February 2005 he joined the party “United Russia”, two months later became the General Council of the party and co-founder of its youth wing — the “Young guard of United Russia”. In 2006, the Bureau of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” recommended Turchak for the post of member of the Federation Council from the Parliament of the Nenets Autonomous district, the year he was elected a Deputy of