The bailiffs received a letter from a deceased 16 years ago Petersburger

Bailiffs Primorsky district of St. Petersburg received a letter from the deceased debtor, in respect of which in March opened the enforcement proceedings. The author of the letter was lawyer Alexander Tsvetkov, representing the interests of the heirs of the deceased businessman Mark Yakovlev, who died in 2001 at the age of 31 years. The deceased has been contacted with the help of a psychic, he said “the”.

“Literally I give her (the soul) words: “you Go with your resolution (the connection is dropped). There is let your judgment, your government and your government, which you all contain. I, thank God, here to feed you, and to suffer should not. But you all we’re looking forward to””, the letter reads.

From the lawyer added: “Maybe harsh, but what can you do with a dead man.”

As explained by Flowers, is a letter he wrote after desperate to defend the rights of the heirs of the businessman. During the life of the Yakovlev owned non-residential premises. The property was divided among heirs, but in 2011 the right of ownership is recognized non-existent: that was wrong in the late 90’s, when the recorded object. In 2015, about a businessman Yakovlev remembered the tax office. The court twice gave the tax authorities the writ of execution to recover from the late cash in 2015 and in 2016. Under their pressure, the bailiffs brought the enforcement proceedings to recover taxes and penalties from the departed to the other world of the businessman.

Flowers received a reply, which said: “Dear lawyer! It is unethical to respond on behalf of the deceased person”.

“And to collect fines and taxes from the dead can mean. What is the wife to receive these emails?” — was indignant in conversation with “” lawyer. According to him, in September, the widow Yakovlev again received notice of the debts of a deceased spouse. The lawyer said that he no longer resorted to the services of a psychic to connect with the soul of the deceased. “Stupidity is not corrected”, — he complained.

According to article 59 of the Tax code, in the event of death of a natural person the arrears be written off.