Trump has signed a decree, which Obamacare collapses

Trump has signed a decree, which Obamacare collapses

WASHINGTON, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. The US President Donald trump on Thursday signed the Executive decree for the reform of health care, which begins the process of ending the program of reforms of Barack Obama, known as Obamacare.

“This decree defines the first steps in providing millions of Americans the burden of Obamacare,” said trump, speaking in Washington.

He noted that the new measures “will not cost almost anything to the US government, but will allow people to save millions of dollars.”

Trump’s speech broadcast by CNN.

Trump, in particular, has promised that American insurance companies will be able to provide customers with short term insurance.

The reform of Obamacare, Americans were obliged under threat of penalty to buy health insurance and increased taxes on health care, and in exchange has offered subsidies and increased assistance to the poor. The reform also included measures to enhance competition and reduce the cost of health care, but did not succeed in this regard. In many States the number of insurers on the individual market declined sharply, and prices of insurance policies increased dramatically.

US residents spend on the medicine record 18% of the world’s highest GDP. Both parties in Congress recognize the need for further reform of the health system. While Republicans accused Democrats that they under the pretext of improving the system, raise taxes. Democrats argue that the whole Republican plan for healthcare is nothing like the plan to reduce taxes for the rich.