No hands: the delivery of food in the mouth through the air

No hands: the delivery of food in the mouth through the air

Scientists from the University of Sussex (UK) has developed a prototype of an acoustic levitator for air transport food and beverages.

As you know, sound is an acoustic wave which travels in space. Towards each other emitters create a standing wave — is based on this acoustic levitation. If the object placed in standing wave, will be less than the length of the acoustic wave more than twice, it will crash in one of these areas.

Acoustic levitatory themselves are not new, but now British came up with their unusual use.

Scientists developed a prototype of an acoustic levitator called TastyFloats provides contactless transport of food and beverages. It can carry small drops of liquid and pieces of food, including several different products.

It is expected that the device will move the food directly into the mouth of the man below her didn’t have to take hands.

No, it is not fiction: the researchers tested the levitator in practice.

For this the British were placed in an acoustic field a few drinks and food, including milk, wine, coffee with separate drops of milk and a Burger of four ingredients — two pieces of bread, meat patties and lettuce. However, testers noted that the levitator TastyFloats slightly changes the taste of food, for example sweet felt more pronounced, and bitter, on the contrary, became less intense.

Acoustic levitator has a number of interesting applications. For example, the device allows you to abandon the Cutlery in cafes and restaurants will only need to sit at the table and open your mouth while TastyFloats delivers food from the table in a predetermined order. There are also more unusual ones — for example, chairs for theater system with built-in containers for popcorn and soda that will be to feed and water visitors.

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