What was interesting about Andrei Turchak, as Governor of the Pskov region

Andrey Turchak

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS

As head of the Pskov region in February 2009, 33-summer Andrey Turchak (born 20 December 1975) was the youngest at that time Governor in the country. At the head of the region, he was replaced by Mikhail Kuznetsov, who left the position prematurely at his own request after four years of work. Until 2007 Turchak has held senior positions in the military-industrial holding company “Leninets” and at the same time built a rapid political career. In February 2005 he joined the party “United Russia”, two months later became the General Council of the party and co-founder of its youth wing — the “Young guard of United Russia”.

In 2006, the Bureau of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” recommended Turchak for the post of member of the Federation Council from the Parliament of the Nenets Autonomous district, the year he was elected a Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly and submitted to the Federation Council his interests. In 2009, he became the Governor of the Pskov region. After the expiration of five years the Governor’s office Andrey Turchak has taken part in elections of the head region 14 of September 2014 and scored 78,36% of the vote.

Tourism, agriculture and industrial area

The important merit Turchak is the fact that he was able to attract and effectively master the Federal money, to include the region in the Federal target program.

Pskov oblast in the reign of Turchak was active in developing economic ties with neighbouring Belarus, Latvia and Estonia. As previously explained TASS Turchak, cross-border cooperation programmes which are financed by the participating countries, in the region’s economy over the last ten years attracted around 1.6 billion rubles. These funds in small towns on the border paved roads and repaired the piers, in the framework of environmental programs clean and sarybala lake Peipsi, reconstructed historic parks and half-modernized the Pskov Vodokanal.