Robbers in Moscow threw a stolen van with candy bars

Novopodmoskovnyj a lane

In the North of Moscow unknown people on the car provoked the accident and took, at gunpoint, the van with a hundred computers-monoblocks, and after 10 minutes threw it and your car on the roadway. On Thursday, October 12, reported TASS the press service of the MIA.

“The property is not stolen” — noted in police. A criminal case of robbery (article 162 of the criminal code).

The attack occurred near the house №8 in the 2nd Angel alley. Criminals moved on Dodge Chrysler. This captured vehicle was discovered on the street Zoi and Aleksandra Kosmodem’yanskikh.

In September 2016, five men in masks entered the building of the International centre for scientific and technical information (ICSTI) through the window, bound with duct tape the guards, broke into the safes and drawers and fled, without taking anything from there.