The defense Ministry of Russia hopes for constructive cooperation with the ICRC

The Russian defense Ministry hope for further constructive cooperation with the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC). About it reports Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry with reference to the statement of the Deputy head of the Ministry of defense Anatoly Antonov.   On Thursday, Antonov met with the President of the ICRC Peter Maurer. Deputy defence Minister highlighted the fruitful cooperation with the International Committee of the red cross and expressed hope for further cooperation.   Besides Anton briefed Maurer about the efforts of the Russian military Department on the provision of humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Syria.   Deputy defense Minister also noted the “constructive cooperation of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria with a delegation of the International Committee of the red cross for the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid to the population of

Landed on the frost child of the conductor in Yekaterinburg opened a case

Landed on the frost child of the conductor in Yekaterinburg opened a case The investigative Committee (IC) in the Sverdlovsk region opened a criminal case against the conductor, who landed nine-year-old girl from a bus in 30-degree weather because she had no ticket for travel. About it reported in a press-Department service. According to the SC, the case was brought on signs of the crime provided by article 238 of the RF criminal code (rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life and health of consumers). At the moment investigators find out the circumstances of the incident. LiveIn Ekaterinburg the conductor kicked the child off the bus for a 30-degree frost The Ministry said that “according to media publications,” the representatives of the shipping company has not taken any measures to ensure that the girl was not alone “in dangerous situations.” “For example, was not caused by parents or

Archaeologists have discovered in Egypt the ancient city of 5300 years BC

Archaeologists have discovered in Egypt the ancient city of 5300 years BC MOSCOW, 24 Nov — RIA Novosti. Archaeologists have discovered in the historical region of Upper Egypt the ancient Egyptian city cemetery, created by experts, in the year 5316 BC, according to Agence France-Presse, citing the Ministry of antiquities of the country. As reported by the Minister of antiquities Mahmoud Afifi, the city was discovered about 400 metres from the Memorial temple of SETI I in the ancient city of Abydos. According to him, the excavation site, archaeologists found huts, pottery and tools of stone. In addition, was found 15 graves, probably written for the important people. “This finding may shed light on the many data of the history of Abydos,” — said the Minister. 5000-year-old ancient Egyptian town unearthed by #Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry, may yield wealth of new information — Mada Masr مدى مصر (@MadaMasr) 23 Nov 2016

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on combating foreign propaganda

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on combating foreign propaganda Moscow. 23 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the European Parliament on Wednesday adopted the proposed Polish Deputy, Anna Fotyga resolution on countering hostile to the European propaganda, which, as consider in Brussels, in particular, comes from Russia. The document States that this propaganda is part of the “hybrid war” and aimed to “distort the truth, to sow doubt and discord among the countries of the Union, to weaken the strategic unity of the EU and its North American partners, to paralyze the decision-making process, to discredit the institutions of the EU and the transatlantic partnership”. European parliamentarians have also claimed that Russia is using its contacts with politicians of the EU not so much for genuine dialogue, how to promote public and weakening the EU’s common position. The resolution said: “the European Parliament acknowledges that the Russian government aggressively uses a range

In Kaliningrad abolished the direct election of the mayor

To lead the administration of Kaliningrad is the city Manager, selected through open competitive procedure. The corresponding law adopted on Thursday, November 24, Kaliningrad regional Duma, reports “Interfax”. “The law stipulates that the direct election of the mayor of the regional center now will not. The mayor will choose from among the applicants participating in the open competition for the position of city Manager, who will be the head of the administration of the city district Kaliningrad”, — said the Agency in the regional Parliament. According to the representative of regional Duma adopted the document will allow the current mayor of Kaliningrad Alexander Yaroshuk to participate in the competition for the position of city Manager in the fall of 2017, when he will end the current powers. Earlier Thursday it was reported that deputies of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted on second reading amendments to the city Charter, which establishes

The FARC and government of Colombia signed a new Treaty

Juan Manuel Santos and Rodrigo Londoño Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the leader of the revolutionary Armed forces of Colombia (FARC) Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, known, Timoshenko signed a final peace agreement. According to El Colombiano, it happened at a ceremony in Bogota on Thursday, November 24. “Let the word remain the only weapon of Colombians,” said the leader of the FARC. The President, in turn, stressed that the new agreement includes the wishes of the people who disapproved the previous version. According to him, the parties undertake to work together to restore the most damaged from years of conflict regions. On 13 November it was announced that the government of Colombia and FARC rebels failed to agree on the text of the peace Treaty. The document had to be redrafted, as the population of the country a small majority rejected the first option. Opponents of the agreement argued that

The British destroyer broke during surveillance of the “Admiral Kuznetsov”

The destroyer “Duncan” of the Navy of great Britain that tracks consisting of six NATO ships Russian strike group headed by aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” has failed. It is reported by the Telegraph.   The ship left the port on November 21 and the morning of 23 November, the residents of Devonport captured him walking in tow. The UK Ministry of defence stated that the destroyer decided to return to base for evaluation of technical faults.   “Duncan” was accepted into the Royal Navy in 2013. He is the last representative of the destroyers of the project “Type 45”.   15 Oct carrier battle group of Russian ships headed to the Mediterranean sea. A month later, the Russian Navy was involved in operations against terrorists in Syria. Photo:

The US announced the elimination of Syria one of the leaders of “al-Qaeda”

The US announced the elimination of Syria one of the leaders of “al-Qaeda” Moscow. 22 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — One of the leaders of the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) was liquidated in Syria during an airstrike of the U.S. armed forces, said the press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook. “US forces conducted a precision air strike near Sarmada in Syria on 18 November, which was killed by one of the senior leaders of “al-Qaeda” Abu Afghan al-Masri,” he told journalists on Tuesday. Cook explained that al-Masri — the origin of the Egyptian, initially joined al Qaeda in Afghanistan and later joined the ranks of its “branch” in Syria. “He is associated with terrorist groups operating in southwest Asia, including groups responsible for the attack on U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and those who were planning attacks in the West”, — said the representative of the Pentagon.

Obama last President pardoned a Turkey

Obama last President pardoned a Turkey WASHINGTON, November 23 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. US President Barack Obama on Wednesday for the last time as head of the state fulfilled a long-standing national tradition of pardoning a Turkey on the eve of thanksgiving. The ceremony in the Rose garden of the White house, which was attended by several dozen people, lasted less than ten minutes. Obama went to the crowd, with two boys. Later the President explained that his daughters Malia and Sasha are unable to attend the ceremony, so it involves his nephews Austin and Aaron Robinson. According to the head of the state, “they are not as cynical about Washington as Malia and Sasha”. During a brief speech, Obama several times passed with joking tones to serious and back again. He in particular recalled that “for generations American presidents followed two traditions — the proclamation of thanksgiving and

The Kremlin said on reaching the bottom in relations with the United States

The Kremlin said on reaching the bottom in relations with the United States Dmitry Peskov, agreed with trump that the term “reboot” have compromised themselves, and expressed hope for the normalization of the situation. Moscow. 23 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — relations with the US are currently “at the bottom”, and they are unlikely to spoil, but the main thing — desire of the American side to normalize, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Now the level of our bilateral relations leaves much to be desired. Hardly something to mess around in these respects, they are right at the bottom. But, of course, we hope that dialogue will be resumed and will begin a difficult and clear that it is not a quick process output relations in a constructive ruslamere Pescovitz Secretary of the President Hsitate alsoNYT: trump would get along with Putin Commenting on the statement of the elected