The expert told how a trump presidency will affect the world economy

A trump presidency would have a negative impact on the global economy in General and the US economy in particular. This broadcast of Premiere radio said the Professor of Economics at the free University of Brussels Michelle Castaneira.   “There is a progressive decline. Basic measures will cut taxes, increase spending, in the short term can create jobs”, – quotes RIA Novosti Castanaro.   The Professor also predicted the United States the gradual withdrawal, which will negatively affect the rest of the world.   The United States presidential election was held on 8 November. Donald trump won a victory, having typed, according to the latest data, 279 votes, while his main opponent, Hillary Clinton received 228 votes. Photo: Anna Sergeeva/Globallookpress

Cut the rope climber resident of the Moscow region received 3.5 years

Cut the rope climber resident of the Moscow region received 3.5 years The woman felt that because of the actions of the workers, who were engaged in the improvement of the facade of the house, stopped showing her TV. MOSCOW, November 7. /TASS/. Resident of Moscow sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for cut the rope industrial climber, blagoustraivaya the front of the house in which she lived. See alsoMonologues city climbers As reported TASS in the Moscow region Prosecutor’s office, the court established that on 31 January 2016, the 49-year-old resident of an apartment building in the village Novodrozhzhino Leninsky district of Moscow region Lyudmila Fadeeva, arguing that because of the actions of the workers stopped showing her TV, went to the balcony of his apartment located on the eighth floor, and a kitchen knife to cut the rope holding the climber. As a result he broke down, but

Found a new danger of vaping

Found a new danger of vaping A group of American scientists found that the adolescent vapers are then transferred from the electronic cigarettes to conventional. Briefly about the study reports EurekAlert!. Experts analyzed the data about all the smokers and soaring tenth-grade students in ten public schools of Los Angeles for 2014-2015. The authors drew attention to the fact that students-vapers gradually begin to smoke regular cigarettes and electronic refuse. Among non-Smoking adolescents, this trend was not observed. Read alsothe Moscow Deputies want to give the vapers a special designated Smoking area However, scientists acknowledge that for most accurate results it is necessary to obtain more information. They plan to conduct a study with a different age group, as well as in other regions. On 27 July it was reported that scientists from the National laboratory behalf of the Lawrence Berkeley confirmed the dangers of Smoking electronic cigarettes for health.

The sociologist said the failure of the industry of opinion polls in US elections

The sociologist said the failure of the industry of opinion polls in US elections WASHINGTON, November 9 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. A whole industry of opinion polls failed in the US presidential election, says a prominent American sociologist, Professor at Princeton University’s Sam Wang. 19фотографий19фотографий19фотографий Wang heads the Princeton Election Consortium website, which predicted the victory of Democrat Hillary Clinton with a probability of over 99%. At the moment, Republican Donald trump are very close to win the presidential election, winning several key States, contrary to predictions. “All the talk about probabilities (victory) in 65%, 91%, 93%, 99% — it’s the details. In fact, the key point here is that the whole industry survey — public related to the candidates ‘ campaigns, aggregators (surveys) is issued to who wrong results on a very large value. The question now is to understand how Mature the industry has been so wrong.

The mayor of Yalta called trump guests

Andrew Rostenko The head of the city administration of Yalta Andrew Rostenko invited elected President of the USA of Donald trump to visit the Crimean region. On Wednesday, November 9, reported on the website of the city administration. “I am confident that the President of the United States will be interested to visit to our hospitable region. Yalta made a platform for discussing the most important issues on a global scale. Perhaps this time the Sunny Crimean land will become a place for making key and critical decisions”, — said Rostenko. He recalled that the invitation to visit Yalta, which was in October last year, remains in force. Congratulating the Americans with the end of the campaign, the mayor of Yalta expressed hope that the new occupant of the White house will abandon its policy of anti-Russian sanctions and antichristic. Earlier Wednesday, the former Prosecutor of Crimea, the Deputy of

Obama promised to do everything for the success of the trump

Barack Obama President Barack Obama has promised to do everything for the success of his successor, Republican Donald trump. He stated this at the White house, reports Associated Press. “We all cheer for his success in uniting the country and the leadership [in the US],” he said. The transfer of power Trump should pass quietly, assured Obama, twice elected on a post of the President of the United States. He noted that he had instructed his administration to work in this issue as seriously as possible. The American leader confirmed that the billionaire congratulated on his election victory and invited him to the White house. The meeting, according to the head of the state, will be held on Thursday, November 10. Election of the President of the United States were held on 8 November. Trump has won victory, having typed, according to The New York Times, 279 electoral votes, while

The Kremlin has called the format congratulations to the new President of the USA

Photo: The President of Russia Vladimir Putin to congratulate the winner of the election in the United States telegram. On Tuesday, November 8, reported the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “There are a variety of formats. Congratulatory telegram is the most common in diplomatic practice”, — said Peskov, adding that while it may not say exactly what the method will choose Putin. Thus a press-the Secretary of the head of state urged journalists to wait for the final announcement of results of voting. “Wrong about something to say when there is no results,” he said.

Dancing, movies, wrestling: in free time, works for trump

The fourth child in a family of German immigrants: it is unlikely that parents Donald might think that he will become the first person in the USA.   Trump has struck the road in life, not looking at someone else’s opinion and authorities. And let in the list of the richest people in the United States from trump modest 156-e a place (the state of slightly less than four billion dollars), he pulled off the biggest deal of his career and became the richest politician in the USA.   His political ambitions trump has never hidden.   “I remember when you said if running for President, then you win” – asked many years ago trump, Oprah Winfrey.   “I don’t know, but probably Yes. I just would not participate in elections in order to lose. I never did anything in this life to the detriment of themselves. And if I